Chance Me for Lewis and Clark Early Action Admission and Merit Based Scholarships?

Chance Me for:
Lewis and Clark College Early Action. I absolutely love Lewis and Clark because of the Liberal Arts education and the emphasis on the environment and sustainability, in addition to their law school. However, due to its steep tuition, I would like to know both if I can get in, and my chances at Merit based Scholarships?

Asian American Male
Planned major: Environmental Studies (want to do research and go to law school to become an Environmental Lawyer)
1490 SAT (720 Reading/Writing, 770 Math)
750 World History SAT II
4.34 Weighted 3.94 Unweighted Public School in Northern California.
IB Math SL: 4
AP US History: 3
IB Theatre SL: 4
AP Music Theory: 3

This year taking:
IB Biology HL/2
IB English HL/2
IB History of Europe HL/2
Theory of Knowledge
AP Statistics
Jazz Band

-Eagle Scout, involved in Boy Scouts of America since 2011, served as Senior Patrol Leader and Crew Leader on High Adventure trips, my Eagle Project was beautifying a quad on my school campus and making the potentially dangerous area much safer for students and faculty
-Captain of Mock Trial team, Lead Prosecuting Attorney, two time county champions, State Level Outstanding Witness MVP Award
-2017 California Boys State Representative, interviewed by American Legion and chosen from my peers by teachers to be a candidate, State Assembly and Senate recognition, Assistant Deputy Attorney, Assistant Band Director
I play 7 different instruments starting when I was 6, starting to compose when I was 8:
-Concertmaster and president/founder of school Orchestra Club and Concertmaster of Butte Youth Orchestra, Certificate of Merit for both violin and piano.
-Trumpet Section Leader of Marching, Concert, and Jazz Band, Silver Award at Anaheim Heritage Festival
-Lead Singer and Guitarist in my own Rock Band
-Tenor Section Leader for school choir, Soloist and Lead Tenor at Northern California High School Honor Choir, Lead Singer in Barbershop Quartet
-Lead Actor, Screenwriter, and Director in my own shows as well as writing my own musical at 14, Best Supporting Actor in school production of School of Rock. Director of Moliere’s “The Miser”
Treasurer of Butte Chapter High School Democrats since 2015, I managed finances for the chapter, fundraiser for the club, and organized funds for local campaigns
-Varsity Track and Cross Country Star Freshman and Sophomore years before leaving to focus on academics
-Peer Tutor since 2014

-6 Years as a docent volunteering at Gateway Science Museum to guide visitors on tours and field trips, lead environmental campaigns,and spread awareness for science
-Spent each summer as a counselor for my church’s Vacation Bible School, The Lead Singer and Guitarist for my Youth Group’s Praise Team organizing practice and picking songs
-A year as a Junior Volunteer at Enloe Hospital working the gift shop, running labs, and heading the front desk, recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award

I have a letter of recommendation from my school counselor who is also very heavily involved in theater and knows me very well. One of my teacher recommendations is from my IB Biology HL/2 Teacher who is a close family friend who has watched me grow into a leader, since her son is in my Boy Scout troop as well. She can also attest to my work ethic. My second letter of recommendation is from my IB History of Europe HL/2 teacher who is also my IB coordinator and can speak for me very well also.
I wrote my Common Application about self discovery and how my unique style and my obsession with becoming someone that wasn’t me in theater turned from a compensation factor to a passion and something that allows me to discover who I truly am. I focused on a theme of creativity and thinking outside to box to express myself despite being forced to conform to the culture of physically and emotional immigrant parents.I emphasized how I felt trapped between two worlds and managed to find a passion to learn for myself rather than being forced to pretend to be someone else

Other info:
I do not qualify for very much financial aid

If you have any other questions, please ask and I will clarify. Any feedback whatsoever will be very helpful. Thank you all so much!