Chance me for Lewis & Clark?

I’m in junior year but trying to plan ahead.

3.7 GPA
1330 PSAT
3 AP courses so far (5 after this year and at least 2 planned for senior year for a total of 7) with all 4s and 5s
All or most honors courses every year
Various extracurriculars including several simultaneous leadership positions on a world-class robotics team and leadership positions in a literary club
Regular volunteering hours at a charity that helps refugees
At least 7 hours a week volunteering with church
Taking several classes ahead of time (for example English 12AP in 11th)
Have won awards in several science fairs for experiments regarding insects, cognition, and space travel. Planning another experiment for this year as well as personal research
Coming from upstate NY
Looking to study Biology and go on to grad school elsewhere for entomology.

I’m worried because the average GPA is supposed to be 3.9 and it’s really expensive. I have 6 siblings so I’m trying to keep the cost down as much as possible.