Chance me for Loomis, NMH, Kent, Berkshire, and Taft

<p>8th grade Male applying for 9th</p>

<p>I have mostly A's
Definitely positive recommendations
I play Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, and Tennis. Love Hiking and Canoeing
Student council, Newscaster for my homeroom (teacher knows Im very active in current events, my dad is a journalist)
PLay Piano and Cello very well
My family is close to Notable Alum at Kent and Loomis. Faculty connection at NMH
Great interviews from what they told my parents, im a very social person
Born in Milan, lived in London, now live in CT, traveled all over the world
No FA</p>

<p>66 overall SSAT
55 Math- (told schools this was my weakness)
60 Verbal
84 Reading (told them this was my strength)</p>

<p>also very good writer, my essay is sure to be a hit</p>

<p>Are you a very strong athlete at one of your sports? Unless you are likely to contend for a varsity slot as a freshman, your academics/ECs/SSATs are not exceptional for the likes of Taft and LC. I certainly think you're in the ballpark for Kent and NMH, and I just don't know enough about Berkshire's admissions stats of late to comment on that one. Get those connctions to write a letter for your file, and good luck!</p>

<p>Oh, and most importantly, if your username is anything like your real name...bail on this account and create a new one with a MUCH more anonymous name. Protect your privacy.</p>

<p>dont worry about my username its not my real name</p>

<p>thanks for the input. my coach is putting in a good word for me. I've been recognized by USA hockey for some of my playing. Im also submitting a tape to taft. My old teachers may put in a good word for me as well, I am a very strong student, but I come from a public school and standardized testing isnt stressed there.</p>