Chance me for Loomis, Peddie, Deerfield, and Blair

<p>Hi everyone, I am an INTERNATIONAL student (Korean) in an American school in Kuwait.
Thankfully, I do not need any FA.
I just wanna see my chances since I will be applying in half a year or so.</p>

<p>Grade 6 GPA
3.85/4 (1st semester)
3.96/4 (2nd semester)</p>

<p>Grade 7 GPA
3.93/4 (1st semester)
3.85~3.95/4? (3rd quarter) didn't come out but in that range. </p>

<p>ECs (my weak part)
Model United Nations
National Junior Honor Society
Clarinet for 3 years and in the highest band in middle school
Squash </p>

<p>I haven't taken SSAT yet there is one in April should I take that one or wait till 8th grade?

<p>Oh and can you put some safety schools that seems right for me, too?

<p>Kuwait? That sets you apart geographically, which is awesome. Your GPA sounds good. You may want to consider trying to be more involved with these ECs. I don’t usually chance, though, but the fact that you don’t need FA is helping your case tremendously. Continue working at those ECs!</p>