Chance me for LSA and Pre-Admit Ross EA

<p>I plan on majoring in business with a minor in economics or mathematics.</p>

<p>GPA Unweighted: 4.00 (No Ranking)
GPA Weighted: 4.15
ACT: 31 (35 English 33 Math 29 Reading 28 Science)
School Ambassador - Help freshmen, new students. etc.
Volunteer- Helped coach local park district youth sports teams
AP Classes: AP US History (4), AP Macroeconomics, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Government
School: Arguably one of top three high schools in Illinois</p>

<p>ea, probably
Ross, no</p>

<p>^ I got pre-admit with similar stats…</p>

<p>LSA - match
Ross - reach</p>

<p>You’ll get into LS&A. Ross pre-admit is really unlikely, I believe the average pre-admit ACT is a 34</p>

<p>LSA is an almost definite, assuming you raise your 2 lowest ACT sub scores; however, id be extremely surprised if you got into Ross as a pre-admit. It’s almost as difficult as getting into an ivy, no joke. GL.</p>

<p>Considering ACT 31 is only the average for admission, LSA would only be a match before considering the lower acceptance rate for oos. I would not say it is definite. Not to mention Ross pre-admission.</p>