Chance me for Mac?

Small public hs in Indiana

UW GPA - 3.7 8 APs/Dual Credits (all that are offered)

All A’s first semester of senior year (2 APs, 3 Dual Credits)

ACT Composite - 30

Really good essays (wrote about how I want to use words and writing to invoke social change for boys who are victims of sex crimes, told through a personal narrative)

Good recs

4 years varsity soccer (3 as captain)

4 year DECA state finalist

Hooks - first gen, low income, supplements (samples from two manuscripts I wrote and a screenplay)

A little confused here…Chancing you for an application that you’ve already submitted? Last year I think RD went out by 3/15 so you just need to wait 4 weeks. Going strictly by the numbers: Macalester’s reported average SAT last year for incoming freshmen was a 1420, equivalent to about a 31 ACT; they do not review strictly on that basis (they’re need-aware, for example). In terms of essays, everyone thinks they’re above average (which may be true compared to all high school students, but compared to those who apply to highly selective elites?); they could be a critical factor for you wherever you end up. Hopefully you visited the school and did an interview while there, since it has unique features and capabilities. The other boards where you’ve posted similar queries are more closely aligned with film studies than Macalester is fwiw.

Yeah, I already submitted the application. I’m just super anxious about it all to be honest, and unsure about chances and how accurate the numbers on prepscholar are. I figured people on here would be able to give some insight as to what my actual chances might be.

Try the 2020 RD chain where stats and results were shared, that may be the best place to start.