Chance me for Marshall?

english 1-2 A/A
geography/health B/A
Symphony Orchestra A/A
algebra 1-2 B/B
earth science C/B
english 3-4 ACC. B/A
Mod. Wrld Hst. ACC. A/A
Symph. Orch. A/A
Geometry B/A
Biology B/A
English 5-6 Honors A/A
Symph. Orch A/A
AP Art History B/A
Chemistry 1-2 A/A
Intermediate Algebra/Trigonometry Acc. B/A
German 1-2 A/B</p>

<p>self taught trigonometry [the whole course]</p>

<p>Senior Schedule
AP Calculus AB
AP English
AP Gov/Econ
AP Biology
german 3-4
chamber orchestra</p>

<p>GPA UW 3.75 W 4.0</p>

<p>So obvious upward grade trend.</p>

<p>AP ART History-3
AP US History-3
Actual Test Scores
SAT Reasoning 1840-> 1240 Superscore Hoping for a 1900-2000 when I take it in november
SAT Subject Tests-

200+ hours comm service
Overture member-Was the manager for the volunteers who came to help out with the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra
Founded and was the president of a club-2 yrs.
treasurer of a club-1 yr
Tech tutor for 3 yrs.- helped out the local elementary schools teaching little kids photoshop and other digital moviemaking skills.
YMCA Youth Institute- 3 years-helped high school, low income, urban youth, with digital moviemaking skills.
Pasadena YMCA-Taught a summer class on moviemaking
Tutored kids around my neighborhood in Alg. and Chem.
First district youth council (one of the chairs)- a coalition of local youth that worked with the districts representative to bring positive changes to the community.
NCCJ Building Bridges camp seminar thing- Attended camp that basically was about racial issues, etc. Should I even include this?
Link Crew- in charge of being the welcoming committee of the incoming freshmen, guiding them around the school, giving them the breakdown of the school, etc. Oddly enough, its a big deal at my school, and theres about 70 kids selected from the about 500 applicants.
YMCA Youth and Government- 1 year.
Paula Fishman Music Studio-5 years [really demanding music teacher and studio, 2-3 hours of practicing a night]
Really strong letter of rec from the director of the YMCA of greater Long Beach, and the Director of the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra.
Junior Honor Guard <-- pretty big deal in my school, highly selective</p>

<p>Really good letters of rec from the President and CEO of the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra, and one from my high school counselor. </p>

<p>SoCal Resident
Mexican Male
Low income
first in family to go to university
Schools was alright. It had a magnet program where basically the 175 kids that were in it were considered a shoe in for 4 year universities. About 400 kidsin total went to a university with prob. 100 going to top ranked schools (UC's and above). There are about 1300, yes 1300 in the graduating class. Sends a few grads to top schools
[1 to harvard, 2 to yale, 2 to stanford, 1 to mit, 1 to UPenn, 2 to U of Chicago, I think 1 to Columbia, 1 to Cornell ]</p>

<p>Also, my uncle works at USC as a gardener or something related, should I list this? Would this help or hinder?</p>

<p>You're in for sure if you break 2000... still probably in with 1900+.</p>

<p>I don't think your uncle would make any difference. I wouldn't list it.</p>

<p>I suggest you take ACT w/writing and try to get a 30+</p>

<p>lol...i dont think ur uncle would make a difference in the decision as well..only if he's the director of all</p>

<p>I disagree. I think they would like to know about your uncle. USC cares about first generation college students and this connection might just be a tip.</p>

Ill be sure to include that.
madbean, do you think I have a chance of getting into Marshall?</p>

<p>My sister got into Marshall 2 years ago, totally hated USC though.
Comparative to her, your:
1. SAT is wayyy too low 2000+ is a must for Marshall
2. the gardener ehhh...not really important and not a legacy, the thing about legacies is they only work/push you in if your family has donated at minimum $10k for the last however many years. The college utilize legacies to make sure they arnt ****ing anyone off too badly. Additionally your uncle is not connected to the school academically.
3. ec's kinda too scattered...colleges love kids that are passionate about 1-3 things instead of "dabblers"
4. I've seen tons of this, super HIGH GPA but AP test scores dont match. Might not exactly want to report those scores. You got A's in the class but 3's on the AP test, basically meaning you should have gotten B's in the class. </p>

<p>but you do have a couple of advantages.
1. URM
2. first generation college-bound student in family</p>

<p>yea, test taking is kind of my achilles heel =[.
I guess that really messes me up. I mean, hopefully when I take it in november, I will be able to pull off a 2000, but it kinda seems like a tall order to fill. 1950 sounds reasonable. How do you guys think that will fare?</p>

<p>also, I think most of it is concentrated with the ymca and music, so I would have hoped they would have noticed. Do you think having the extra EC's hinders me?</p>

<p>I don't work for USC but I suggest that you try to organize your extra-curriculars into clusters, i.e. Music- a. b. c. d. (list activities under a,b,c,d). Tutoring-a. b. etc. See how your interests get organized. The next question is this, how are you going to connect your music-arts interest with Marshall Business? Are you going to be a music minor or do you want to work in the business end of the entertainment industry? The camp activitiy doesn't appear to connect to your music activities. You said, for example, chamber orchestra. What does that mean? Did you play an instrument for a specific chamber group? How many years? Any awards, honors associated with your activities? If the camp gave you an award or honor, then I would list that along with any other awards. Also, the average SAT score last year was 2100. I suggest that you either really study hard taking practice tests on your own or better yet, go to an SAT prep course (to get feedback where to study, feedback on your essays, on-line computer practice tests) and take it seriously to up your SAT score. Of course, a lot of what happens this year will depend upon the number/quality of applicants. It sounds like you really want USC. Work on your essay. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>consider putting your uncle and the 1st generation to go to college story in your essay. USC has a strong commitment to the local community and to diversity. I think they will consider your uncle in their decission. Even big employers (USC is the largest in LA) like to take care of their own.</p>

<p>And remember it's college, not the lottery. You'll get in to several colleges that will be a good fit for you.</p>

<p>but do try and get your SAT up!</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

SAT is wayyy too low 2000+ is a must for Marshall


<p>Not true. I know several 1900-2000.</p>

anyone else care to put input?
BTW, I was just naming them off the top of my head, regarding EC's, so i will organize them in some coherent manner before I turn in the app.</p>

<p>It appears from last year that the essays are very important, so be sure to make a very strong case why you want to go to Marshall.
Good luck!
(PS--I think I'm an alum of your high school!)</p>

<p>haha really?
Are you form Long Beach?</p>

<p>Ah yes, from long ago and far away. PM me and I can confirm which school.</p>

<p>what are my chances of getting in</p>

<p>gpa: 3.75 weighted and a 3.58 unweighted. but its going up during my senior year.
i've play baseball four years
my sat was a 1750 but after today i hope to get towards upper 1800's lower 1900's
my grandpa, mom, 2 aunts, and uncle all went to usc hopefully that counts for alot.
i also have an interview with the marshall school of business next month</p>

<p>did you mean to start a new thread, lol?</p>