Chance me for MathiLy

Hello! I’m interested in applying for MathiLy this summer 2022 but I’m not sure if ill get in. my stats are
4.3 w gpa
3.9 gpa (all A’s except for one B in Spanish freshman yr and one possible B in APUSH)
Have taken 6 ap classes and all honors for the exception of two regular courses (currently taking AP Calc ab and ap stats)
President of my schools GSA (Gender Sexuality & Alliance Club)
Working on starting a writing and chem club
I started my own tutoring organiztion for low income students
Tutor chemistry every week
Currently helping my school with redesigning their social studies curriculum

I have no experience in math competitions as I’ve never really had the opportunity to participate in one; however, Id like to think that I’m fairly good at advanced mathematics

Also wanted to add that i will probably ask my ap stats teacher to recommend me even though Ive had my ap calc teacher for years; i was a very mediocre student last year and i don’t think he’d be willing to even write one

Have you looked at the current or past entrance exams and are you able to handle the problems? I believe that your entrance exam performance is a large component of their admissions criteria.

Ive been trying to find past entrance exams but i cant find any

OP, as others have mentioned, the most important component by far for acceptance to Mathily is performance on the EAR (“exam assessing readiness”). You probably already know that the focus at Mathily is very much on discrete mathematics, particularly combinatorics (at least as of a few years ago). Take a look at this older transcript discussing some typical EAR-like problems with the director of the program:

AOPS 2015 Mathily Math Jam

I have a pdf of the 2019 EAR, I will try to send it to you by direct message.

Mathily is probably the easiest of the “top” math programs to get into, but admissions can be quirky. Competition results will not make much of a difference for admittance there, perhaps no difference at all, so don’t worry about your lack of contest experience.

If you are attracted to Mathily, I would also recommend looking at HCSSiM (no announcement yet I think for 2022 but it should happen) as well as Canada-USA Mathcamp. There are tons of entrance exam examples on the Mathcamp website, the problems are varied and overall a little more difficult than those of the EAR as far as I can tell; it’s well worth taking a look at them even if you do not apply to Mathcamp.

Good luck!

Thank you! I was going to try to track an EAR down but you are more organized.

Another admissions boost, I believe, may come from “programming” the answers into one of those math software programs but that is more common for students who have already been through a program. For a first timer, do the best you can (handwritten) and your raw ability will likely come through. You could also get into the more entry level program MathILy-er, which is a great program, too.

Good luck!