chance me for mcgill chemical engineering!!

32 ACT (31 math and 34 science) and 3.7 UW gpa. My highest math is AP calc ab and for science classes I’ve taken AP Physics, AP Chem and AP bio. Are my chances not good and should I take the December ACT to improve?? plz share your thoughts

Here are the minimum requirements for US applicants to Chemical Engineereing:
“'A- average in grades 10, 11 and 12
A- in each prerequisite math and science
ACT 31 (Math & Science subscores ≥ 29, others ≥ 27); or
EB Read & Writing 700, Math 700 and SAT IIs: 680 in each subject”

A- equals 3.7 so you are at the minimum for UW GPA. McGill does not look at grade 9 so you may want to recalculate your GPA. You are a bit above the minimum composite ACT score. McGill would be a match. It could go either way.

Did you retake the ACT? In September you posted a lower score.

Yes I got a 30 on the September one and retook it for a 32 on the October one