Chance me for Medill, please! Thank you

GPA: 3.98 unweighed, 4.4 weighed
Rank: 20th out of about 600; top 3% of the class
Class schedule: mostly honors and AP classes except for graduation requirements (business, gym, languages, etc.)</p>

SAT:2170 V/CR:710 M:740 W:720
ACT:34 E:35 R:34 M:34 S:33
Subject tests: US history:740 Lit:760 Math 1:750</p>

US History: 5
English Language: 5
Statistics: 5
Planning to take English Lit, US Government, Physics (both of them), Calculus, Economics (Macro & Micro)</p>

Marching band: sophomore and junior year
Pep band: all four years
Literary magazine: all four years (literary editor for 3)
Network (anti-drug club): junior and senior year
TEAMS (selective physics/engineering competition): junior varsity 11th grade; my team placed 2nd in the region; hoping for varsity and 1st place senior year
Academic team (competes in various areas of knowledge): senior year
And others</p>

<p>Other activities:
Have played piano for 7 years and flute for 6
Did ballet for 10 years
Just started judo classes
Went to Northwestern's CTD summer camp twice (took Psychology and Modern Political Theory)
Took online correspondence course from Northwestern (AP Psychology)
Legacy Heritage Internships for Young Scientists participant (spent 6 weeks doing physics research with professors at Hebrew University in Jerusalem)
National Honor Society
Probably National Merit Semifinalist, hopefully Finalist (PSAT: 224)</p>

<p>Community service:</p>



Write monthly column for local Jewish newspaper
Will probably work with photography company this year</p>

Fluent Russian
2 years of French
Have been learning Hebrew for the past 3 years</p>

<p>Other plans for senior year:
Enter the Siemens competition with research done at LHIYS
Complete 40-hour Israel advocacy project for LHIYS (will probably involve writing)
Write for several pro-Israel publications</p>