Chance me for Mercer Univeristy

GPA: 3.0
SAT: 1250
ACT: 23
EC’s: HOSA, French Honor Society, Mountain Bike Club, Wrestling, Hospital volunteering (50 hours)

Looking at general admissions statistics, I am below average. Do I still have a shot?

Hi @InTypical - I think you have a chance, although it is still a bit of a Reach. If you haven’t submitted as of yet, really detail your ECs out, Volunteering by Year, etc. Make sure they see you as a well rounded candidate and not just a 3.0/1250.

It depends what curriculum that GPA was obtained with.
Are you taking precalculus or calculus as a senior? Did you reach level 3 (or even 4) in a Foreign language? Take a couple APs?

In addition, have you visited campus (official visit where you sign up at the Admissions office)? Asked for an interview on or off campus ? If relevant, did you complete all essays, even optional ones?

Sorry for the late response. I am taking precalc as of right now, though I am taking it online along with my other classes. since I could not fit it into my schedule. It will still be on my transcript. I am also in my 4th year into a foreign language. I have taken AP classes but only for the social studies classes, (World,Gov,USHistory). I completed all essays as well as the optional ones. I also visited the campus. I detailed my EC’s as much as I could.

I was able to be accepted and get their basic “academic scholarship” (I think everyone gets it because the school is so expensive) of $17,000. I called the financial aid office and asked if there was any way to receive additional aid that will come in my financial aid package in January. Will my poor performance on my transcript lessen the chance of them giving me additional financial aid? If so is there any way for me to remedy this at this point? Again, sorry for the late response

That’s a very strong curriculum.

The fact your merit scholarship wasn’t higher isn’t good news… They dont “meet need” so it may well be all you get, or that and a tiny grant and a loan. And loans over 5,500 have to be taken by your parents.

Have you applied elsewhere?
With such a curriculum, you’d likely get good scholarships from Guilford, for instance.
If you want a Christian/conservative school, Berry? If you want non traditional, Warren Wilson?

It is all down to financial aid at this point. Depending on the financial aid package I get in January for Mercer will ultimately decide on whether I attend that school. I have options to go to KSU and Reinhardt if I decide Mercer is too expensive. Reinhardt is giving me the best financial aid at this time and I will only have to spend $4,000 (If that much) out of pocket per year to go to that school (Which is surprising compared to KSU which is a state school, at least it was for me). Is 4,000 out of pocket per year a lot in your experience? Depending on how much financial aid I get to go to Mercer, what do you think my limit should be for taking student loans based on your experience? (Which I am extremely scared of taking)