Chance me for merit scholarships at Miami of Ohio.

I have a 3.3-3.4 unweighted(fluctuating since im still a junior) and a 35 act. I have many extracurriculars, but Miami’s sites scholarship ranges only from 3.5+. I am in all ap’s And honors classes so my course load is rigorous. It also says people who don’t fit those requirements will also be considered for scholarships. Is my lower grades due to difficulty of classes enough to cost me merit of half tuition since that is what 35 falls under? Also, is it possible to submit first semester grades of senior year to bring up my cumulative? Thanks.

@beanboi25 Based on my S19’s recent experience with Miami, you may have a shot at good merit with the lower GPA. I would call them and ask how hard and fast they are with the GPA.

Is your ACT 35 your composite, or is it a superscore?

What are your current thoughts regarding intended major? Miami is definitely giving STEM kids a boost.

Where can we find the aid information? Nothing was mentioned in my son’s acceptance letter other than his acceptance into Prodesse Scholars Program.

Is there a financial aid section we have to click on or does it come at a later date?