Chance Me For Middlebury ED I

Hey Everyone,
I’d really appreciate feedback on my portfolio that anyone might have. My school list is included at the bottom, but I’d like to be chanced for Middlebury, seeing as it is my top choice. Thank you!


  • SAT (superscored): 1560 (770EBRW / 790M)
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.7 unweighted / 3.9 weighted with upward trend
    I go to a private prep school so there is tons of grade deflation*


  • AP Courses (8):
    AP World History, AP United States History, AP Modern European History, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP English Literature & Composition, AP Physics
  • Honors Courses (8):
    Honors Algebra II, Honors Pre-Calculus, Honors Chinese II, Honors Chinese III, Honors Literary Genres, Honors American Literature, Honors Chemistry, Honors Biology


  1. Founder & President - Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) local chapter
  2. Executive Leadership Board member & Editor - Business and Economics section of a student run news platform (independent of school)
  3. Director and founder - Crusade Against Hunger Initiative
  • Coordinated multiple food drives and fundraisers aimed at benefiting local food banks and homeless shelters
  1. Academic Tutor & Student Mentor to African immigrants
  • 200+ hours
  1. Captain of the Varsity Crew Team:
  2. 10 year Pianist
  • I plan on submitting an sample of my music as a part of my application
  1. National Honor Society Member
  2. National Chinese Honor Society Member
  3. work experience at a country club

School List:
Fordham - Safety
Indiana U - Safety
Colgate - Target
Middlebury - Target (ED)
Boston College - Target
Navy - Target
Williams - Reach
Brown - Far Reach
UChicago - Far Reach

Do you care to state your intended major?


You offer a strong academic profile that will appeal to Middlebury. At decision time, your commitment to service work may tip to the scales toward a yes.

To refine your greater list, you may want to consider this analysis: Economics rankings: US Economics Departments at Liberal Arts Colleges | IDEAS/RePEc.

If you would like to continue with crew, you might want to research colleges with varsity programs, at which a coach’s interest would enhance your chances of admission.

Best of luck with your first-choice of Middlebury!

What would your ranking be, roughly? Are you in the top 10% of your class? Do you know what the average GPA of your high school is?

Have you looked at your school’s Naviance to see what the rate of admissions are for applicants with your stats? However, when looking at Naviance, remember that private prep schools also have a large number of legacies for “elite” colleges, which may skew the numbers a bit.

You should also speak with your counselors - many GCs at private prep schools have good relationships with AOs at “elite” colleges, which also helps in admissions. Your GC will also likely be able to give you a good estimate of your chances to the “elite” colleges on your list. In general, GCs at private prep schools are really good at helping students figure out the best places to which to apply, and what they would need. They will definitely know better than anybody here.

A very large part of the advantages that private pre schools have in college admissions are their GCs, so do take advantage of this resource.

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