Chance Me For MIT In the Future

Hey! I’m just beginning my junior year of high school, and I am wondering if anyone could chance me for MIT by the time I am a senior in the fall.


W GPA: 4.77
UW GPA: 4.0

SAT (Freshman Year, Taking it again in 1 month): 1520 (770 math, 750 reading)

3 in sophomore year, 5s on all (Physics, Stats, and Psychology)

Taking 6 APs this year, expect 5s on all as well (Spanish, Chemistry, U.S Hist, World Hist., Comp Sci A, Lang)

Senior year, I will be taking Calc A & B (We have split integrated math in my school) along with likely around 5 other AP courses.

Many of the courses I take are self-studied

Courseload: I go to a selective engineering academy with mainly unique engineering courses designed for our school. For example, Biology in freshman year became Bio-Engineering. Counselors are supposed to make it seem very rigorous to colleges. In addition, all my electives are used on AP courses aside from Spanish.


So far, through freshman and sophomore years:

1yr founder and president of LaunchX (entrepreneurship club) in my school

Vex Robotics (Competitive Team)
Math Team
Chess Team
Technological Student Association
Student Government (representative for my class)
Freshman Class Council

No national awards as of yet. Our VEX team was looking good, but season got canceled due to COVID. Many regional and state awards scattered throughout from math, chess, and other science competitions. Some outside of school.

AP Scholar


120+ hours of tutoring students
FMSC many times
Library and other Community establishments (10+ hours per year)

Indian Male, Not applying for aid.

Overall, how on track am I to finish in a place to be competitive for MIT? Any tips?

Yes, you are on track to be competitive for MIT. However, at least 80% of applications are competitive for MIT. It is a reach for nearly everyone.

My main recommendation is to continue to do the ECs that you are interested in, and do them well. A moderate number of ECs that you do very well are likely to be better than a very long list that you do less well. Also, read the following:

To me it looks like you are likely to do very well wherever you end up attending university.

I would agree with what DadTwoGirls said. You are certainly a competitive applicant. I wish you best of luck.