Chance me for MIT, IVY leagues and other top universities

Personal Information -

Class- Senior year of high school
Nationality: India
Financial Aid: Yeah
Max number of colleges i can apply to - up to 12
Colleges interested: HYPM, Cornell, Columbia, UPenn, Caltech, and other top colleges
Intended major: Physics/Astrophysics


SAT Score: 1550
AP: not taken(my school does not offer any)
GPA: I have taken IGCSE and A levels. In my IGCSE, I got all A* in all the 8 subjects and in A level, the predicted grades are also A*
SAT subject: Maths: 800 Phy:780
EC: Author of two published books by an imprint of penguin publishers at an age of 10.
I have a blog on physics where i post regularly on physics and the universe. I get upto 20000 views. Many of my posts were published in many famous science magazines like Suke India.
I did an internship with a very famous science blog, CosmoBC. I worked as a writer there and my posts on science and physics got over 100000 views.
Gave a ted ed on Physics.
President of my high school.
Founded a physics club.
Got an 100 percentile in International Benchmark Test.
Participated in an F1 competition where we had to design a car using aerospace and engineering. We qualified for the nationals. And will go for the competition next month.

So these were my stats and EC. I know they are not enough to get me through the doors of MIT or Harvard but still i would like to give it a chance and apply to the top 20 schools of USA. But money constraints me. I could apply to a maximum of 10-12 schools and this is where i need the help of this wonderful community. It would be really wonderful if you all can chance me for these schools and help me make an appropriate list of schools i could get in…

Thankyou for reading

you’ll get the same answer that every other person who posts their stellar stats on here: we can’t tell you for sure but you’re definitely a competitive applicant.

you should consider selecting some ‘safety schools’ as there are many other colleges that have amazing astrophysics/physics programs that are arguably better than/same level as the ivies such as University of Colorado - Boulder and UCSC.

also i have no idea if you mean 99th percentile unless the test u took rounds percentiles.

I personally don’t feel I have stellar stats and there so many more qualified people out there which just makes this admission process very stressing. I just feel that should I apply to MIT or Harvard. Will I get in or just waste the resources. This is what keeps me awake at night. I am just very confused…

Harvard accepts about 5 students from India per year.

If you need financial aid, your chances go down significantly.

Most of the public universities will be full fees.
The UC’s do not provide ANY financial aid to non-residents. This means fees of $65k per year.

All you can do is apply.

You certainly have a competitive profile. But as you have heard, getting accepted as student from India with financial aid will be difficult. Especially in this era where many schools are struggling.

But it doesn’t hurt to try. Just make sure you have some good backup options. Have you taken the JEE? Why not any of the IITs? They have some of the best maths/physics in the world?


I’ll answer your question. Based on what you have posted here and elsewhere, you have absolutely no chance to be accepted into any American college. In order to be accepted to any college in the USA, you need to provide truthful and accurate information, to the extent of your ability and knowledge. You have not done so here.

Your IGCSE scores have improved over the past few months, which is wonderful, considering that, according to your first post, you took them in 10th grade, you posted in the spring of 11th grade, and you are now entering 12th grade.

Despite being unable to take the SATs, you managed to score a 1540, and then improve that to 1550, and also take two subject tests, all in 4 months.

Your percentile of your IBT test improved over this period from 99th to 100th.

The number of books you published, and when you published them, also changed over these 5 months. Three to two, the first at the age of 10, now two by the age of 10

You had three internships back in April, but now this has dwindled to only one

ECs changed and morphed, came into being and disappeared, all in those same 4 months. You were Vice President of Debate Club on 4/24, the President of Debate Club by 3/30, and now you are School President.

I do not know why you are doing this, but it is disrespectful and juvenile.

To answer the question from your other thread, if ECs are of a high enough caliber to sway an admissions committee’s decision, they’re probably searchable on the internet. Students who do lie on their apps can be expelled and/or have their degree revoked. If you apply to US colleges fill out the applications truthfully.

When you sign your application (online), you are indicating that all of the information on the application is the truth. Among US universities, dishonesty is a BIG deal. The universities don’t like lying, plagiarism, cheating, or stealing. Because you are an adult, depending on the charges, you could also be charged by law enforcement. Losing a student visa would be the least of your problems. You lie, you WILL get caught.

Be honest and don’t exaggerate, embellish or omit grades from your application. You do that and any future candidates from your local school and province will not be considered for admission anywhere in the US.

The US universities/colleges have a national clearinghouse. It will be really difficult for you to get an education anywhere near the US if you lie. The colleges will flag your file in the clearinghouse. If you try to apply to other colleges, the flag will indicate why you were flagged and no college will admit you.

I’ll address your post as it stands here. Harvard and MIT are need blind even to international applicants , so your need won’t affect your applications there. It could to other schools. You are an over represented nationality being from India, and a lot of schools here do take that into consideration. You need to be at the top of the pool of Indian students applying to the colleges you choose. You will be competing against those seniors from your country applying to the same schools you are. It’s a very competitive group.

I cannot assess your ECs. If they don’t ring some bell for the AOs, not sure how much effort they will make to verify them, check them out. AOs from top schools here tend to have their lists of what awards, honors etc that mean a lot to them.

As a top student, taking the most difficult courses available, and getting great test scores, you would be in the running for a spot at the selective schools. It all depends on who else is applying.

If you really want to to study in the US, and are limited to 10-12 applications, pick 6 selective colleges including MIT and Harvard , and give them a try. Then look for some schools that have good financial aid or big merit awards and find 6 of them as possibilities. Understand that as an international student with need, they will all be reach schools for you. It is possible that some schools where your SAT and academic prowess is way up there, will pay for you to attend there to bring up their numbers.

It depends what kind of school you are looking to go to! Do some research and think about where you would love to go. Like you, yourself, literally! Apply to Harvard, MIT, and other ivies, but make sure you apply to a school that you would get into, AND also like to go to! Try looking at Northeastern, Boston U, UCSD, UCSB, Carnegie Mellon. While these may not be so appealing to you, just know that these are some suggestions.

I think you are definitely a competitive applicant and I wish you the best of luck.

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