chance me for MIT

<p>i am sorry but my school only offers 3 ap courses, REGULAR ACTION, got accepted to CIT and berkeley and YALE( but i am not interested to go their, if i dont get into MIT, ill got to CIT most likely) EARLY ACTION YAY and a couple of others dont remember.
I am hispanic</p>

<p>9th grade: GPA>> 3.33 = 87 i know but keep looking</p>

<p>living enviroments (biology) regents:91
algebra regents:95
global history 1st year
english 9
spanish 2nd year regents:98

<p>10th grade: GPA>> 4= 96</p>

<p>Earth science regents:97 AP micro/macro: 5 on both ( self studied)
Geometry regents:95 worked as delivery and gained aproximately >3000$ which payed for my summer courses because mom lost job.
English 10 A+ certification
japanese 1st year
Global 2nd year regents:95 SAT WH:800 SAT BIO:780
computer 10 </p>

<p>10th grade summer:
Got a job for fixing computer in queens
took chemistry and trig and passes regents with 95 on both exams (why cant i get 100!!)
studied for psat and did over 500 hours of community service total</p>

<p>11th grade:GPA>>98.5= 4.25
English11 regents : 93 -Self studied AP human geo and chemistry: 5 on both
US history: 96 -SAT II: 780 on chemistry and math 2 and 800 on physics, US
pre calc: 94 played: soccer, baseball and track >>> all varsity
japanese 2nd year - Became c++ certified and made my schools website wich was
enviromental science incredible, so proffesional.|
(my school does not offer physics)
Art 11 -total of 800 hours>> by the way it was in an elder center
COMPU 11 -worked in delivery job and helped pay rent, which was not
neccesary but defitnetly something i have always thought about doing</p>

<p>took ACT and got a 33, not bad you know and psat: 223 i thing or 224?
and got merit
- studied for sat
-went back to my queens job, gave half the money to my mom and the rest i put on a credit card
-and in total had 1000+ hours for community service
-i also made free websites, some i sold, highest i sold was 150 dollars</p>

<p>this year:GPA has been all 98 .5, this was difficult never felt so stressed</p>

<p>i got a 2310 on sitting ( a bunching of u like blabbing about sittings so their!!)
signed up for quest bridge and i became a finalist, but put MIT as my first, which am afraid of not getting in for regular admissions, my interview was pretty good and essay were coming from my experience in life and really devoted myself to it.</p>

APBIO hopefully five on all Ap's
AP english language and composition self study AP:
calculus calc AB and compu sci
ART Played varsity soccer
gym doing track now, then baseball

<p>so i am nervous havent gotten my letter yet and i need your help what do thinK</p>

<p>MIT is generally considered a "reach for everyone" school.</p>

<p>I take it all of your acceptances came with sufficient financial aid and scholarships, if needed?</p>

<p>Yale is SCEA. Also, UCs havent released results yet. I call troll.</p>

<p>Congrats on your acceptances to CIT, Berkley, and Yale. I think if you got into those universities, than you would be a strong canidate at MIT.</p>