Chance me for my colleges please

HEy guys-

so im a senior right now and just want some input for the colleges im applying to. I go to a highly competetive high school in Chicago (top 1-2 catholic in illinois).

GPA: uw: 3.83, W: 4.1

8 total AP classes: APUSH: 5, Bio: 5, Comp Gov: 5, Comp Sci P: 2, APES: 4 (self study)
senior year: Calc AB, Physics 1, Stats, English lit

ACT: 34 (36, 32, 36, 32), 35 Superscore (36, 32, 36, 34)

school doesn’t rank

I know a lot more goes into the app process like essays and recs, but idk how to quantify that so please give input based off of objective stats for following match/reach schools ( i do have safeties btw)


Georgetown, Notre Dame, Tulane

RD: Holy Cross, emory, WashU, Cornell (CALS)

also im applying for bio or global health for all schools

and a lot of clubs w leadership