Chance me for my dream school!

<p>My absolute dream school is UPenn, and I'm applying ED. But just in case I don't get in, also chance me for Cornell and Dartmouth. I will chance back! btw, do you think I'm in the Ivy league ballpark?
thank you!</p>

<p>White Female
Florida, USA</p>

<p>School type: Private Catholic with APs, not IB.</p>

<p>GPA: 4.6
School doesn't Rank
2230 M: 700 W: 780 CR: 750
SATII: Literature: 800, U.S History: 750, Spanish: 800</p>

Honors Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, Spanish IV (I, II not offered in honors and skipped III), English I, II, and III; U.S History, World History, Economics
AP European History (5)
AP Biology (4)
AP Spanish Language (5)
AP U.S Government & Politics (5)
AP English Literature and Composition (5)
AP Art History (5)
AP Calculus AB, and BC (both 4s; self studied)
AP U.S History (5, self studied)</p>

<p>I didn't have honors math, and the theology courses that I had to take didn't have honors available, and I also doubled up on Marine Bio in 11th when I took Honors Physics; and Marine Bio didn't have honors available.
So all in all, most rigorous possible, with the exception of standard math because I'm not the greatest math student but realised that I neeed AP Calculus to get into Pre-Vet/Pre-Med so I self studied and actually performed quite well on the tests.</p>

-President of the Astronomy Club
-Founder and President of Future Veterinarians of America
-President of the Spanish National Honor Society
-President of Quill and Scroll
-Science National Honor Society
-Science Olympiads
-National Honor Society
-Fingerstyle Guitar prodigy and composer
-Classical Piano
-Varsity Soccer, Softball, and Swimming
-JV Volleyball
-ASPCA Volunteer
-Diver and Junior Educator for a well known Aquarium (the one in Dolphin Tale)
-Research on: Aquatic Medicine, Arctic Biology
-I know 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Danish, and Latin
-Job at Barnes & Noble
-Tutor </p>

<p>Letters of Rec:
I didn't really have many friends at school so I basically became best friends with my teachers. They all know me very well, and I'm sure the letters of rec are fantastic.</p>

AP Scholar with Distinction
National Merit Semi-Finalist</p>