Chance me for my reaches (NYU, UMich, Emory, Tulane and more)


Asian (Indian) first generation college student. From a public school in Louisiana. Family income is <60k. Questbridge Finalist

ACT: 28
GPA: 3.67 UW with most honors/AP classes
Class Rank: Top 13%

All class are either honors/APs/College Dual Enrollment and APs include: AP Computer Science A, AP English III, AP English IV, AP Biology, AP Government, AP European History. Honors/College include: Geometry, English I, English II, Biology, Algebra II, College Finance, College US History, College Algebra, and 2 Units of Spanish. Also have taken vocational courses at local vocational school.

Speech and Debate Team President
Robotics Team Member
Louisiana Boys State Delegate
After School Tutor
Beta Club Member
National Honor Society Member
AFJROTC Member (have a ton of service hours)
Kitty Hawk Air Society Member
Cyberpatriot Current National Finalist- A cybersecurity competition sponsored by AFA, DOD, NSA, AT&T, Facebook, Cisco, Leidos, Northrop Grumman and more. Current team (5 people per team) is #1 in the Air Force in the country and is a National Finalist (28 teams out of over 3300 teams across all 50 states and Canada are chosen as Finalists.) Hoping this carries a lot of weight.
Have done volunteer work both regionally and internationally (India).

Already heard from/accepted: SMU(were extremely impressed by cyber patriot involvement pre-national finals).
Reaches: NYU, UMich, Emory, Tulane, Rice, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Wesleyan, Washington and Lee, Pomona, Swarthmore
Where do I stand a decent chance? Thank you

For Tulane, you are in luck. As an important part of its mission to support Louisiana socially and economically in the short, medium and long term, Tulane offers guaranteed admission to Louisiana students meeting the following criteria:

Guaranteed Admission Criteria (from Tulane website)

In order to qualify for guaranteed admission, applicants must apply Early Action or Single Choice Early Action by November 15th and:

•Reside in Louisiana
•Attend or have graduated from a Louisiana high school at the time of application
•Achieve a 28+ on the ACT Composite or 1870+ on the SAT Combined
•Have a 3.5+ cumulative GPA (unweighted, 4.00 scale) at the time of application in English, foreign language,science, social science, and college preparatory mathematics courses taken while in high school 
•Complete 4 years of English, 3 years of social sciences, 3 years of lab science, 3 years of mathematics, and 2 years of foreign language
 •Have no prior college attendance after high school graduation
 •Have no suspensions, expulsions, or disciplinary violations

Your post does not indicate whether you meet all of the criteria, but as long as you have a clean disciplinary record and you’re not transferring, I think you’re in good shape.

Knock em dead!

Although your GPA and ACT is low for Emory, looking at your class rank and that you were a quest bridge finalist I think you have a shot at Emory