Chance Me for my safeties, matches, and reaches

Demographics: Male, Indian, suburban Georgia, public high school, straight, rising senior

Intended Major: Computer Science

ACT: 34 Composite (35 Math, 35 Science, 34 English, 31 Reading)
UW/W GPA: 3.9/4.0, 4.4/5.0
AP Scores: AP Human Geography (4), AP Calculus BC - sophomore year - (5), AP Computer Science A (5), AP World History (5), AP Physics C: Mechanics (5), AP Chemistry (5), AP US History (3), AP Seminar (3), AP Language and Composition (4)
2017-18 Courses: AP Government/Politics, AP Research, AP Microeconomics, AP Lit, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, 2nd year Georgia Tech Dual Enrollment Mathematics (Combinatorics and Differential Equations)
Class Rank: 6/749

Awards and Honors:
Georgia Governor’s Honors Program: Mathematics
Lettered Varsity Wrestling
Wrestling Sophomore Scholar Award
FBLA National Qualifier: 4th Place Cybersecurity, 2nd Place Comp. Problem Solving
Georgia Science and Engineering Fair: 4th Honors - Computer Science
Mathematics: First person to take Georgia Tech Dual Enrollment Mathematics as a junior - Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra

Extra-curricular Activities:
Published Research:
Clinic Internship: ~50 hours of Clinical Experience and Shadowing
Non-Profit Tutoring Academy
Wrestling: 2 years and various awards
Archery: outside of school

UGA (ED Accepted)
Georgia Tech
Emory University
Augusta University: BS/MD
Mercer University: BS/MD
UPenn: OOS
Duke: OOS
Harvard: OOS
Carnegie Mellon: OOS
CalTech: OOS
UC Berkley: OOS
Johns Hopkins: OOS
Princeton: OOS
University of Chicago: OOS

Is it reasonable to complete medical school pre requisites alongside completing BS in computer science?

Have you run the Net Price calculators on the OOS schools and are they affordable? If you are leaning towards Medical school, you want to keep your Undergrad costs to a minimum so I would eliminate UC Berkeley since they offer no FA to OOS applicants and a price tag of $240K/4 years is not worth it. You are a competitive applicant overall but CS is a tough major. Best of luck and I think that trying to complete your Medical school requirements along side the CS requirements will be tough. Very little overlap of classes to do both but I understand the reasoning behind having a backup plan.

@Gumbymom Thanks, I submitted my UC application but I don’t think I will afford it now

If you are accepted ED to UGA, isn’t the entire question moot? I think that you are required to go there unless you straight out can’t afford it.

Looks like UGA has nonbinding EA, not binding ED. If it were ED, then the OP is committed to attending unless unaffordable.

Anyway, it looks like one safety if UGA is affordable, but all or almost all of the others are reaches for everyone (in some cases, specifically for CS or BS/MD, even though the school may not otherwise necessarily be a reach).

@DadTwoGirls @ucbalumnus Yes sorry, I meant EA, not ED.