chance me for NEU?

hey yall, heres whats up

16y/o (graduated high school year early)
94 cumulative gpa, everything HN and AP
1350 SAT
work at a restaurant 30hrs/week, other activities are theatre and babysitting
double legacy
divorced parents
MA state

really wanna go to northeastern, and if im unlikely to get in i think ill apply ED then

thank yall!

You may want to retake the SAT or try the ACT.

oh really do u think its not high enough

The average SAT for accepted students is 1470.

What is your budget? The NPCs are not always accurate for students with divorced parents.

I agree with @TomSrOfBoston that your SAT is not going to impress NEU. According to Prepscholar you are below their 25th percentile. One daughter was accepted with a SAT score that was very close to their average for accepted students, but it was way over budget for us (and was not her first choice).

I hope that you were more careful with your grammar in the essays that you sent with your application to NEU.

“i think ill apply ED then”

The ED deadline is past. Are you taking a gap year? Given your age taking a gap year is probably a good idea. I was 16 when I graduated high school, and in retrospect I probably should have done this.

Retake the SAT if you can and then ED

people on here really be so critical
ED II deadline is jan 1