chance me for northeast schools

white female, middle class, undecided major but probably chem or a social science

GPA: 3.7uw, 4.1w, my school uses unweighted NGA and mine is 95. Slight downward trend though

10th: US history, music theory, physics 1
11th: physics 2, chem
12th: psychology, calc, literature
haven’t done any AP tests yet, not very confident about them though

other class info: took a fairly rigorous schedule every year, did band and a foreign language every year

jazz band all 4 years
tri m music honor society junior & senior years
german exchange program 2019/20
school rock climbing team all 4 years (will probably be captain senior year)
open jam (music rock band club thing) sophomore year on, leader junior & senior years
theater freshman & sophomore years
pit orchestra for musical junior & senior years

PSAT: 1400
SAT: haven’t taken but shooting for a final score of around 1550

Essays: I consider myself a strong writer so essays will be good, hopefully very good

LORs: average probably

Reaches: bowdoin or tufts ED, amherst, williams or middlebury, colgate or hamilton, maybe vassar
Matches: boston college, brandeis, holy cross
Safeties: UNH, UVM, possibly UMass Amherst

BC may be a reach, rather than a match, but otherwise, I think that your list is straight on, and looks good.

That being said, you may want to check out whether there are any more liberal arts colleges which may be safeties or matches for you, since you seem to have a fondness for LACs.

Matches may include Lafayette, Bucknell, or Union.

For safeties, I would leave the NE, and look to the Midwest, unless you are OK with attending a woman’s only college (there are some good matches there as well).

Good luck!

All of these schools are either private or out of state. Your first job in choosing a school is affordability, otherwise you’re pretty much wasting your time applying.