Chance me for northeastern, holy cross, bu please!

Hi everyone im nervous these are my three dream school please chance me!
Chance me please it is my dream school!
GPA: 3.40 uw, 3.57 w
SAT: 1670 (i know:( )
EC: 2 years of track, 1 year of field hockey, many years of volunteering
Essay: emotion (8/10)
Recommendations: (8/10)
Gender: female
Ethnicity: asian
State: massachusetts
Pay: willing to pay full tuition
High school: private all girls

Sorry to be blunt but chances at all 3 are very low. Test scores are too low, GPA is low, and ECs are not too strong either. I hope you have some more realistic schools in mind maybe apply to test optional schools where you might have a better chance. Right now you need to find schools that are matches for someone with your stats there are plenty of them out there if you do the research.

Thanks:( i got accepted to 5 schools these are just my dream school:/

Anyone elses opinions are deeply appreciated!

Possible admit to BU if you chose the CGS option…otherwise all three are out of reach.

ahh! i most likely did medical i forgot ! ahh!

any other opinions are deeply appreciated!

Suffolk University