Chance Me for Northwestern ED 2022

Northwestern ED is my number 1 choice and I really want to go there but I’m worried my ec’s don’t stand up to other people who’ve been admitted. I’d really appreciate any advice/tips or other ED suggestions!

Background: Asian Female, public school not in Illinois
no hooks

Probably going to study Math and/or History

GPA: 4.273 weighted on a 4.0 scale
SAT: 1540 (superscore, 790 Math, 750 R/W)
Subject Test: 800 Math 2 before other subject tests were cancelled
AP’s: Macroeconomics (5), Microeconomics (4), US History (5), Calc AB (4), Physics C: Mechanics (4), took CSA course but didn’t take test
Senior Year Classes: AP Lit, AP Calc BC, AP Physics C: E&M, AP Statistics, AP Euro


  1. Captain of Varsity Sports Team Jnr/Snr year (not going to say which bc it’s too specific), made All State during Soph year before Covid hit
  2. Ranked Nationally in said sport (competing competitively for a club)
  3. Leadership position on a historical society
  4. Job at a Math tutoring company for 1+ year
  5. MUN (no awards, didn’t participate much)
  6. Multiple volunteering tutoring hours (40+) in Math
  7. NHS (no leadership position)

Common App PS is on my identity as an Asian American and my connection to my heritage despite living in a predominantly white town, connects to one of my EC’s

New guidance counselor doesn’t know me well, Math and English teachers liked me (I think) and knew me well so I’m hopeful they will be good.

My EC’s definitely aren’t super strong but I would really love to hear some feedback! Thanks for reading!

Any chance you can be recruited for volleyball or does playing in college not interest you? Also, Northwestern is very expensive. Have you run the net price calculator on their website to make sure your family can afford it? Northwestern gives a pretty significant boost to ED applicants, so if the financials check out I think you have a reasonable chance. One of my daughter’s friends got in ED and his family will be going into significant debt for him to attend. It’s a great school but not worth that kind of debt in my opinion.