Chance me for Northwestern? ED and RD please

Ok, so I am starting my junior year, and am super interested in Northwestern. Before this year, I have taken 8 honors courses, as well as 4 APs (APUSH - 4, World History - 4, Enviro - 5, Lang - 5). This year, I am taking 5 more APs (Lit, Gov, Calc AB, Chem, Spanish). So far I have As in these, but that is obviously subject to change. Ok here’s some info:
Cumulative GPA: 4.06 W, idk UW. As long as I maintain As this year, this should increase, though
PSAT: 1480/1520 superscored, 1430/1520 without superscore. I am taking it again this year, and that should be able to improve as well.
SAT: 1540/1600, taking again in November
ACT: N/A, taking soon if possible
Class Rank: Top 10%
SAT Subject Tests - haven’t taken any yet, but am planning on taking a few by the end of this year
Drama Tech Department:
-Have done both years so far + planning to continue
-Upwards of 400 hours over the past two years
-Leadership Positions: Set Chair, Lights Chair, Assistant Stage Manager (all sophomore year), drama club secretary + maybe more (this year)
Mock Trial:
-Have done both years so far, planning to continue
-Freshman year: Team made it to regionals, I received Best Witness Award
-Sophomore year: team made it to states, I received Best Witness Award
Spanish Honor Society:
-Inducted end of sophomore year, will be secretary this year, planning on being pres. next year.
National Honor Society:
-Inducted start of junior year
Spanish Club:
-All 4 years, planning on being leadership next year
-Sophomore fall, JV. Idk if I’ll have this on app or not yet
Summer Programs:
-Summer program at OSU (summer 2019)
-required application +payment
-one week
-about physics, application, analytics, and more
Pills, Potions, and Poisons:
-Summer program at OSU (summer 2020)
-required app and payment
-one week
-about pharmaceutical sciences + health professions
Other Stuff:
-I am Social Media Director of a mental health awareness campaign
-Camp: I have been a Counselor in Training at a nonprofit summer camp, this had a relatively selective application process, and I was there for 3.5 weeks (planning on doing again next year)
-Essay: haven’t written yet, but I am a good writer

I am planning on majoring in biochem on a pre-med track, and am considering a minor in political science.

I know that’s a lot of stuff, and I might have forgotten to include something, so if you have any questions, just ask. Could you give me approximate chances for getting into Northwestern University ED and RD? Thanks! Also, if you have any tips on how to improve these chances over the next few years, let me know.

Also, if you have any good examples of colleges similar to northwestern to also consider applying to, let me know! I’m trying to form a good list

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Where are you from? Any hooks? My son, white male from NJ, was rejected RD with 4.0/ 4.75 GPA, 34 ACT, 5s and 4s on APs, 800 on SAT 2 US History, team captain, top decile (school did not rank), etc. He visited and was very enthusiastic about the school in his essay. He did not get an interview because of so many NJ applicants. NJ is tough because of so many well-qualified applicants. One girl from his high school is going there. AA, theater major. Good luck!

I’m a white female from Ohio.

Hopefully people from OH can chance you. If it is your first choice and you can afford it, apply ED because they fill a significant portion of their class that way.

No one here can chance you, plus you are still a year away from applying. Your UW GPA in core courses will be important. Focus on keeping your grades up this year, it looks like you have a high level of rigor.

I would encourage you to continue to research what it’s like to be a premed, and what type of school will provide you the best opportunity to thrive, have a high GPA (and high MCAT score), and support a successful med school application.

IMO the NU is too competitive for pre-meds, meaning there are better environments for some students to be successful. Make sure NU is an environment where you believe you can do well as a premed before you apply.

Biochem is a tough major, at any school, to earn a high GPA. Medical schools generally do not give a gpa ‘bump’ to applicants with hard majors, or who come from prestigious schools.

Lastly, run NU’s net price calculator to make sure it’s affordable. Don’t apply to any schools ED if they don’t look like they will be affordable.

Good luck.

Tough to get into NU RD so consider ED if possible. Try to find reasons the school is a good “fit” for you. Showing that to admissions is important. Develop back up schools as well.

I agree with @Sam-I-Am . S24 didn’t have stellar stats (a lot lower test score) but showed that he was very interested (music/liberal arts) and was a good fit and ultimately accepted. He also had a lot less extracurriculars, but what he did have all had to do with his major. Good luck!

1 in 4 ED applicants are accepted. One in 40 RD applicants are accepted. If you can afford the NPC estimate apply ED. Check out the biology major in lieu of biochemistry and see if that plus the premed track interests you. What is your AND? At NU, AND is extremely important. My daughter is a biology and theatre double major which has been very doable with the quarter system.