Chance me for Northwestern, Hopkins, Boston College, and USC.

Hey guys, I’m a junior from Virginia and here’s what I have so far:

Old SAT, 730 Math, 670 Reading, 630 Writing. Taken in the fall. Dissapointed with writing but what can ya do?
Haven’t taken the new SAT
ACT, in practice I have been getting right around the 33 mark, taking on April 9th.

Grades: By 2nd quarter senior year I should have a 4.25 weighted, 3.9 unweighted (Knock on Wood). This is with all “intensified” courses, which are my school’s equivalent of honors classes, along with 12 APs under my belt.

2 years v-squad football, 3 years v-squad tennis, Out of school rec basketball (I know doesn’t matter).
Co-founder of my school’s ocean awareness club
Participant in National Ocean Sciences Bowl
National Honor Society Junior and Senior
Member on my school’s athletic council (Small group that discusses issues in HS athletics), and a leader for senior year
Member of my school’s “AP Scholars” program, involves research project and minimum AP class requirement
Out of school, part of a bi-partisan organization determined to encourage youth voters to be educated on political issues
Volunteer as a Sunday School teacher for my synagogue
Worked as camp counselor at said synagogue for 5 years
Volunteered at a local food bank for 20 hours both years

Essays and Letters of Recommendation are more for down the road, but I have some pretty killer essay ideas so far.

Mostly interested in some kind of pre law track right now, but economics, communications, and even physics or biology (pre med) may pique my interest by the time I apply.