Chance me for Northwestern/Tufts?

<p>3.85 unweighed
7 ap's by the end of highschool (so far all A's in my ap's and 4&5's) many honors classes
2 college classes
1960 sat (I know it's low)
trilingual.. learning a fourth
438 volunteer hours
president of a club
ethnic minority </p>

<p>ehhh probably not good enough I know...</p>

<p>Keep your head up! The more confidence you have the better off you'll be. </p>

<p>1960 SAT isn't half bad, correlates to around a 29 on the ACT. While that is below the NU middle 50, you have other opportunities to get accepted.</p>

<p>I'm assuming you are a senior? Maybe just go hard for the December SAT and hope for a 2100+?</p>