Chance me for Notre dame, Virginia tech, and UVA

GPA: 4.0 UW 4.4 W

SAT: 1490

EC’s: 3 years V football, 3 years V baseball, 3 years V swim (placed in regionals and states), Volunteer club, NHS, best buddies club, chess club, Debate team, Lifeguard, 150 hours of volunteering, shadowed a doctor at a hospital through a program at my school

Leadership: Football captain, baseball captain, assistant manager of the pool I lifeguarded at, student council representative, volunteer club officer and best buddies club officer.

Awards: School Leadership award which was given to 2 people, 1 girl and 1 boy, who showed the best leadership during that school year, football county student/athlete award, Principal honors roll

Major: No sure what major but probably will do pre med

Don’t know if this means anything but I am going to have to go to three high schools in three different states because I am a military brat

Good for VT, lesser chance at Notre Dame. UVA will depend on how you compare to others in your class applying to UVA if you’re in state.

Likely for VT depending on your major (usually people choose a science rather than “pre-med”). IMO, Notre Dame & UVA would be reaches (high reach for ND, less of a reach for UVA if you’re in-state).

Agreed although depending on your level of rigor I do think UND is possible. How many APs have you taken ? With three schools it might be hard to measure rigor.

You didn’t ask but you would get a smokin’ deal at schools like Arizona and Alabama as well as South Carolina and they all have Honors colleges.

Good luck. Very impressive, especially going to 3 High Schools.

ND values your Academic Rigor and your character. Need to demonstrate this through your recommendations, your essays, your supplements and your volunteer work. If these aren’t focused on the core values of ND it’s likely a no. If they shine through then you have a good shot.

You will get in to ND.