Chance me for NYU, BU, Brandeis pls!


  • US domestic *(US citizen )
  • State/Location of residency: *(NJ)
  • Gender/Race/Ethnicity *(Woman/ White,Middle East)
  • Other special factors *(First generation American, Jewish)

Intended Major(s)
Psychology, Premed

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • Unweighted HS GPA: 3.91
  • Weighted HS GPA: My school doesn’t use weights but it would be around 4.35
  • Class Rank: School doesn’t rank
  • SAT Scores: 1370 M:730 RW:640 (ik its bad for the schools I’m applying to)

(4 AP, 11 Honors, 6 College Courses(credit awarded by college) FYI: I took all AP and honors classes that were available to me, I have the hardest course rigor available at my school)


  • President of my school magazine
  • Member of the yearbook committee
  • 1 year of research institute, won award for my project
  • Organized field trips, food drives, and events at my school
  • Volunteer with a COVID vaccine/test center
  • 4 years of volunteering at nursing home, adult day care center, and medical offices
  • 4 years of internship for research at a private medical office
  • 2 years of competitive debate
  • 3 years of work as a retail employee


  • Personal Essay: 10/10 I truly think that my essay says a lot about me and communicates everything I wanted to through it
  • Supplements: 8/10 I’m not going to rank every essay for all the schools but this is my overall score for all of them
  • English LOR: 10/10 I’m proud of my work in his class and he was very enthusiastic about writing it
  • Math LOR: 8/10 The teacher likes me but bc the teacher who agreed to write me a letter 6 months prior stopped responding I had to ask this teacher a week before my deadline, he was very understanding tho

Cost Constraints / Budget

  • Not applying for financial aid

I want to apply to NYU CAS ED!
Please be brutally honest and also recommend if I should send my score and where

I forgot to mention that my GC LOR is 9/10 we have been very close throughout HS

Just so I understand, you are talking about applying to NYU CAS ED2, and RD for the rest?

I can’t chance you but NYU and BU are reaches. I would apply test optional to both. Is NYU affordable per their Net price calculator?

Where else have you applied? You do need at least one affordable safety…what school is that?

All my other schools are safeties or matches, I just wanted to know if I had a chance for BU, Brandeis, and NYU. And yes I am applying RD for all my other schools.

Brandeis is your best chance. Your SAT is in range. You can submit.

ED2 likely. RD is 50/50 in my opinion. Make sure you are demonstrating interest.

I agree the others should be TO and are unlikely.

Where else have you applied.

So don’t forget we are all amateurs. Someone just got into Colby with a 3.4 UW. you never know.


Mostly agree with what has been written.

NYU ED (do not submit tests) - you have a chance, but odds are against you. Assuming BU is not ED (do not submit tests) and similar odds to NYU. If it were ED, I would like your odds. I would submit tests to Brandeis and I like your odds, although not safe.


Would you say I have a better chance at BU if I applied ED than I would at NYU ED? Thank you for your help.

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I recently was rejected from a school I was rly confident about and now I’m completely doubting my chances at all my other schools so I’m trying just trying to get an unbiased opinion. The safely schools I applied to are Monmouth U, and Penn State. Are they safe enough?

Monmouth safe. Penn State a strong match and I’d be surprised if not admitted.

Could you share where you were turned down?

Are you interested in more schools ?

Va tech has a big Jewish population. Miami Ohio too although it’s smaller than Pa State and Va Tech.

Alabama…lots of Jews, especially from the NE and Chicago and Arizona has thousands.

And you’ll get $$ at those two…why they draw students nationally

If you want smaller College of Charleston.

Check to see if you meet deadlines…These are if you want to look at more schools. Some like AZ have really late deadlines but you want to meet deadlines for merit aid.

Az and Bama would give you solid merit. They publish. Just Google the school + out of state merit.

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What school were you not accepted to in ED?

Monmouth should be a safety, as long as it’s affordable.

Did you apply to PSU EA? You are OOS for PSU, so not safe…probably a target, did you do their essay? PSU is getting more difficult for OOS students, many get the 2+2 option which is generally unattractive for OOS students.

Where else have you applied?

I applied ED1 at Boston College. I also applied to Colgate, Rutgers NB, and GWU.

BC seems to have accelerated its move to ever-lower acceptance rates this year, unfortunately. Lots of surprising rejections or deferrals at the high school I know best, which has had a better track record in prior cycles.

Would you say the pandemic has made ED admissions more competitive?

I think the (often valid) assumption that ED improves admissions chances is what’s attracting more applications to ED rounds, especially at highly selective schools, but as that impression spreads, the ED/RD gap will narrow.

COVID probably accelerated this evolution as more students threw in applications at top schools because test optional policies removed a screen for some and it was hard to narrow college lists because there was no way to tour. That created a big single-year bump in selectivity rates for 2020, and a predictable reaction to those higher selectivity rates is more people choosing an application strategy that increases chances of admission…

If you are really thinking pre-med then BU should come of your list because of the know grade deflation there. You need to go where you can get the absolute highest undergrad GPA.

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Did you apply TO to BC? I would have guessed rejection if you submitted a score. Colgate too.

Your stats can get you huge merit if you go to the South or West. Seems like you want to stay close to home but that strategy can cost your family tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Rutgers a match. GW a likely if you demonstrate interest and a no if you don’t.

If you are trying to stay in the Northeast, but check deadlines, but a Delaware, Vermont, Etc would be solid choices. Private like Colgate - check out Skidmore, Franklin & Marshall, Dickinson.

Bigger - check out the ‘Cuse.

Interesting to me you ED1 at a Jesuit School. If you want Jesuit, try Fairfield, St Joes or Scranton to be close to home. I say interesting because you are Jewish (and yes I know some schools have a Jewish population).

Good luck.

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I would say so.


I have legacy at GWU if that helps. I would love to apply to schools around the country but my parents restricted me to schools no more than a 5 hr drive from home. I have heard of significant grade deflation at BU but multiple friends who go there have told me that it depends on the professors.

GWU, legacy or not, you need to demonstrate interest ?

Did you submit you SAT to all schools? You need to be careful with the higher level schools like BC.

5 hours from home and in the city. Look at Pitt!!

President if school magazine - look at Syracuse, Ithace, and American. Plus Quinnipiac.

Good luck.

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I’ve been demonstrating a lot of interest for all my schools. I’ll definitely look into those schools. Thanks!