Chance me for NYU Grad! :))

Good morning everyone! I realized this morning that I am ACTUALLY a senior. It threw me into a tizzy and I panic ran to the union to buy a GRE prep book. I’ll get right into it since there is no more time for me to waste… I really want out of Oklahoma.

Applying for: Fall 2021
Degree: MS Global Affairs
My Current Degree: BA Political Science, minor in Russian Language/Central Asian studies/Eastern European Studies
Current School: Oklahoma State University
Personal Info: Female, White, 21

GPA: 3.83
Major GPA: 4.0

Things I’ve done:

-Senator Wentz Community Council
-Residence Hall Association External Funds Committee
-History Club Advisory Board
-Museum Assistant
-English Tutor (for a really sweet Russian lady)
-Research Assistant (3 projects)
-Lead Research Assistant (1 project, so 4 total all in political sci department)
-Midwest Political Sci Conference (Cancelled tho, miss corona)
-Co-authoring a paper with my conflict mediation professor (this semester, not done)
-Another conference for that paper ^^ forget the name
-Speaks Russian!!! :slight_smile:
-Indiana Critical Language Program for Russian
-Honors College

Also applying for the Secular student alliance scholarship, Multicultural Affairs Committee, and writing a paper for a local magazine about the history museum I work at. I’m technically also a supplemental instructor for history, but I think I’m going to drop that job so I can do more research as thats what I rlly wanna be doing!

Don’t have my GRE yet BUT I do love a standardized test. Let’s assume its decent!

Also if any of y’all have any other ideas for policy programs I should be looking into that would mean the world. It’s basically UT and NYU rn