Chance me for NYU RD and Fordham EA!!!

Hi everyone!
I am a rising senior in high school and NYU (New York University) and Fordham are my absolute DREAM school! I was wondering if anyone could please chance me!
3.51 Unweighted GPA/4.32 Weighted GPA (I attend a competitive school in my state) 12 AP classes, the rest honors. I’ve also taken 7 Dual Enrollment classes (A’s and A-‘s on all of them!) Also, I know my GPA is low, but i’m hoping admissions officers understand since i’ve taken the most rigorous courses I could have taken.
SAT: 1290. Super scored: 1340
SAT Subject Tests: Spanish: 780 / US History: 750
7Cups volunteer listener (9-12 grade) 7 hours per week
Climate Cardinals Translator. Leadership Positions: Research Team, Partnership Team (10-12 grade) Translated documents regarding climate change from English to Spanish. 4-5 hours per week
Girls In White Coats student-run organization. (We focus on ending gender disparity in the medical field) Leadership: Director of Public Relations. Accomplishments: Recruited over 350 volunteers to our organization. (10-12 grade) 5-6 hours per week
Fellowship for a politician in my state (12 weeks) (11th grade) 10 hours per week
Linens N Love Volunteer. I made posters for my city with referral links that take them to an informational site I made regarding climate change and how that is impacting us right now. Got over 1500 clicks. (11-12 grade) Leadership: Project Leader 6 hours per week
Luv Michael Internship (1 year- 11th/12th grade) Helped research and spread awareness on Autism. 7 hours per week
(11th-12th grade) Founded my own student-run organization to spread awareness about climate change. Have established over 45 chapters around the country and 2 foreign countries. (Leadership: Founder) 12+ hours per week
National Honor Society (10-12th grade) 1 hour per week
Green Club (11th-12th grade) 1 hour per week
I babysat my autistic cousin Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday nights (9-12th grade) 10 hours per week
Internship for a politician in my city (20 weeks) (12th grade summer) 10 hours per week
I have accumulated over 1000 community service hours
What I plan to do:
As you can see, I have several different interests. I plan on applying and combine all of my interests into one career choice. My main focuses are Law and the environment. My future career goal is to become an environmental lawyer
Please be completely honest! Thank you and have a great day :slight_smile:
Edit: I am also Hispanic and my family’s yearly income is around $190,000 after taxes! I was also diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 2 if that’s relevant

NYU will be a reach, especially RD. Fordham target to low reach; anecdotally EA does get a little bump. ECs are pretty good but stats are not exceptional for these colleges.

Latest published numbers for these
Both around 3.7 uw gpa of entering freshmen
NYU Median SAT of admitted students (class of 2024) 1500 (enrolled students class of 2023 middle 50 was 1370-1510)
Fordham middle 50 SAT of admitted students (class of 2023) 1320-1460.

Thank you so much for your feedback. I know that unfortunately, NYU will be a very high reach for me. Fordham is the one I have my eyes set on though. We will just see what happens, I guess!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Good luck, and make sure to have a couple of safeties you’ll be happy to attend on your list too.


I don’t think anyone can tell you anything more that you will learn by comparing your academic stats to the class profiles. Your ECs look fine. The rest will depend on things we can’t see such as your LORs, essays etc.

Also be sure to run the net price calculator for each college to determine affordability if that is an issue.

FWIW my S graduated from Fordham - Rose Hill and had a wonderful expereince. Consider applying non-binding EA to Fordham so you get an answer by late December.

Thank you so much. I am applying to Fordham Early Action because it is my top choice!