<p>Ethnicity: Asian</p>

<p>UW GPA: 3.9
Weighted GPA: 4.4
Class rank: ~1/420
Course load: very rigorous
AP Classes: AP Chemistry (5), AP Microeconomics (4), AP Calc B.C. (5), AP Biology, AP Gov. & Pol, AP English Language and Composition, AP Statistics (4),
AP Lit, AP US History, AP Psych</p>

<p>ACT: 33/10(writing)
SAT IIs: 720 CHM, 740 MATH II</p>


<li>AP Chemistry Teacher- hoping it will be good, considering I scored an A+ in that class & got a 5 on the exam.</li>
<li>AP Calculus B.C. Teacher- hoping it will also be good because I'm averaging ~97%</li>
<li>Guidance Rec</li>

6 weeks intensive internship at Eagle Nationwide Mortgage Co. - Marketing Intern
FBLA-3 years of executive board positions (VP junior year)
School Newspaper Club- on the editorial board
Peer Tutoring- founder/president
Model U.N.-executive board - participation in PMUNC, RUMUN, NAIMUN; received perfect score on position paper at NAIMUN 2011
Asian American Club- secretary (12), executive choreographer (10-11)
Chemistry Olympics- co-president
National Chemistry Olympiad
Dance- graduating at the end of my senior year (learning since I was 8); performed on international platforms; received 1st place at National competition
National Honors Society
National Spanish Honors Society</p>

Elk of the Month by the US National Benevolent Elk Society
International Honor- Opening Act of Unforgettables World Tour
National Honor- 1st Place Naya Andaaz
National AP Scholar
Performed at Carnegie Hall
Kumon North American Honor Roll
5th Place- Chemistry Olympics 2011
Participation in National Chemistry Olympiad
Participation in Moody's Math Challenge 2011
Awarded for Academic Achievement in Spanish (2009), Science (2010), and Mathematics (2011)</p>

- approx ~200 hours + at the Hospital
` ~110 hours + tutoring students at the public library and at my school</p>

Work experience- Kumon - tutoring kids during the summer (2011)
Internship with a Pharmacology Professor in UMDNJ (2011)</p>