Chance me for Occidental?

<p>Also UCLA,USC, Pepperdine, Loyola Marymount</p>

<p>I'm a white male high school senior. I am also out of state.</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA:3.77
ACT: still waiting but predicted 29-31
AP's: Macro and stats (senior year)
Honors: English 9, English 11, Chemistry</p>

Captain of speech/debate team (double varsity lettered)
Nationally ranked speech competitor</p>

<h1>3 ranked Lincoln Douglas debater at state finals</h1>

<p>Varsity snowboard team
1 year club soccer
2 years lacrosse
National Honor Society
Member of the Mayor's youth association
spent my summer at debate camp at UCLA for two weeks, then at speech camp for 2 weeks at Emerson college
I've been a professional actor my entire life with a respectable resume of many national commercials, over 10 costar and guest star roles on tv shows, and one starring role in a feature film produced by Disney. No I am not making stuff up. This is the main reason I'm applying to LA colleges.</p>

<p>You have solid ECs (starring in a Disney movie is no small feat to my chancer's eyes) so that ought to help you, essay and recs pending.</p>

<p>Occidental: Low match
UCLA: Match
USC: High match
Pepperdine: Low match (not sure as to whether it is a safety or not)
LMU: Safety</p>

<p>thank you! Bumppp</p>