Chance me for OOS acceptance 2020?

Hi! I am a current HS junior strongly considering applying to A&M for their finance program. My only worry is that my class rank is extremely bad due to me being at an extremely competitive top 100 high school. A chance (safety, match, small reach, hard reach) would be appreciated.

Class Rank: (School does not official publish but based on percentiles they DO publish, 3rd quarter (60-70%)
GPA: 3.42 UW/3.7W
SAT: 1510 (1550+ possible before application)
Used to live in Texas 3rd-8th grade and family will be moving back after I finish High school
Currently in California
Good Business EC’s: Founded 150k business, DECA, Team member for a blockchain startup, blockchain startup internship, top 10 blockchain hackathon

I am looking for full admit (I will not be an academic admit which I hear lowers my chances a lot). Any advice/chances would be appreciated!

@abhi777 I am sorry to tell you but your chances of admission are less than 2% according to the data reports with a 3rd quarter rank. The Mays School of Business reaches its capacity in mid Fall by top scoring applicants in the first quarter and Texas top 10% of their graduation class. There is only 1000 seats for incoming freshmen.
The competitiveness of your school is not taken into consideration except to how you competed against your peers.
You would be considered a review applicant and right now, review applicants acceptance rate for full admissions is around 13% or less. Though your SAT is very good, it will not make up for your class rank. Even to be National Merit, Finalist or Semi Finalist, the GPA will be taken into consideration so you may not qualify.

If you are wanting a highly academic Texas school with a strong business program - that seems to admit more on test scores - I would recommend UTD (University of Texas at Dallas) @abhi777 .

10% - 60%
Top quarter - 88%
Top half - 98%
Bottom half 2%

10% - 36%
Top quarter - 64%
Top half - 89%
Bottom half 11%

Based on those numbers - there are 9% more students in your situation at UTD than TAMU.

UTD offers a lot of merit scholarships - and have fewer automatic 10% admits - so their test scores (middle 50% of ACT and SAT) are actually higher than TAMUs.

Here is a link

Would OOS applicants mind posting their stats? Would be interesting to see how high scores need to be to get into TAMU from OOS. Thanks in advance!