Chance me for Oxford or Cambridge history degree (undergraduate


AP Modern world history - 5
AP Statistics - 5
AP psychology - 5
AP macroeconomics - 5
AP English literature - 5
SAT 2 us history - 740
ACT 35

Have taken 5 history classes at a university, but MWH is my only AP.

If you’ve done classes at a university, those will be at least as important as your APs. It also means you need to think carefully about your reference because if possible it should be someone who taught you the subject.

There’s nothing in the stats above that disqualifies you, but do you understand what you would be getting into - a heavily British and European focused course with students who grew up in that milieu? That will make admission even more challenging than normal.

@Twoin18 would they ask for a transcript?

You should list what courses you’ve taken on the application. While GPA doesn’t matter for high school (basically only the AP scores count), college level courses will be taken more seriously. What grades did you get in your college courses? Who will write you a reference saying you are the best history student in the last 5-10 years?

With 5 of them, I would guess your history classes add up to some good depth and breadth- unless you have been focusing on one area of particular interest. You will be at a disadvantage if they don’t add up to a good grounding in ‘mainstream’ history, partly in admissions, but also if you are admitted.

For Oxford, you need to be prepared to work very independently on the assigned reading list and the numerous essays you will need to write each term. My son works very hard on his problem sheets/practicals during term time but he says that the essay workload for History/PPE types is a whole level beyond that.

Hi, I would say that as important as the grades is your ability to write well about your interest in the subject in the personal statement. You will need to be a bee to quote evidence of your interest over and above what you study in the school curriculum. This would be in the form of books, lectures (online or IRL) podcasts, even debates on historical topics, and perhaps online courses. It’s all the extra work you do because of how much you love your subject. Best of luck.

honestly, focus on doing well on the HAT (the test for history applicants). that will be your most important factor for getting an interview. oxford doesn’t want a transcript, just test scores (your APs and SAT score). your personal statement should be stellar, and if you can, see if you can do some mock interviews.