Chance me for Peddie, Choate, exeter,milton and st.andrews

I’m a current eighth grader who is looking forward to applying for some really good private boarding high schools!

I’m a Chinese female from Maryland, but I was not born here, I came to the US in 4th grade, and I’m currently on a green card.

  • I have a pretty bubbly and energetic personality

Here are some stats

  • SSAT avg97% verbal 99,reading 87, math 97
  • ISEE 8 quantitative reasoning,8 verbal,9 mathematics achievement, 9 reading
  • 3 B’s in 6th grade, 2 B’s (art and Spanish) 1st quarter of 7th grade, straight A’s on the rest
  • I swam for 7 years, not the best swimmer, not the worst I go a 1:03 in 100 yds free
  • I sing classical music, won an award (the golden voice of America), and got the chance to perform at Carnegie Hall next June, during covid, performed in an online concert which 2000+ people watched
  • I also like art and calligraphy/bullet journaling won 1st in an art show, and is now making a website for my calligraphy which 100% of it's profits go to charities
  • I play the flute (but I'm like bad so...)
  • I also play the piano recreationally
  • enjoys debate and politics


I suspect you will have choices on M10.

You are qualified for all of your schools academically (SSAT & grades as Bs in Art & Spanish should not be of much concern) & have interesting ECs.

Are you seeking significant financial aid ? If yes, then this may affect some admissions decisions. If no, you may be offered admission to all of your targeted schools.

I am actually not seeking financial aid:) , thank you for taking the time to respond to my question!

What is M10? :smiley:

The M10 is a group of elite American prep boarding schools.

ohhhh,thank you!

M 10 = refers to the date admission decisions are released by many prep boarding schools.

The 10 Schools Admission Organization is what I thought of first.

Probably includes:

St. Paul’s School
Phillips Academy at Andover
Phillips Exeter Academy

Deerfield Academy
The Hill School
Choate Rosemary Hall

One or two may not be in the M10. I do know that St. Paul’s School was one of the founding member schools (if I recall correctly, along with Andover & Exeter, but not sure).

M10 = March 10 = day of admissions decisions released.

The correct list of the Ten Schools Admission Organization:

St. Paul’s School
Phillips Academy (Andover)
Phillips Exeter Academy

Choate Rosemary Hall
Deerfield Academy
The Hill School
Loomis Chaffee

P.S. I mistakenly listed Milton Academy & The Groton School as members of the Ten Schools Admission Organization in a post above (post #8).

M10 is short for March 10th, the date that many independent schools release their admissions decisions.

For fun, check out “The Official M10 2021 Freakout Thread” in the Prep School Cafe section.

I have no idea what your chances are, but your info doesn’t include flagrant red flags.

There are plenty of good private schools that aren’t in the top 10; The GLADCHEMMS aren’t the be all and end all. Think about your learning style and what you want in a school, for example. Being able to show in your application and interview that you’ll be a good fit is very important.

did u get in anywhere and where do u think your leaning towards?

I got into Blair and St.Andrews school in Delaware, and I’ll be attending the St.Andrews school this fall!