Chance me for Penn CAS/Vagelos LSM!

<p>Well my last thread's title seem to have backfired. </p>

<p>ASIAN MALE appling ED to Vagelos LSM (CAS as the fallback)</p>


<p>GPA: 4.4
Rank: 6/~300 at a silver ranked public school.
SAT: 2180 and 2380 (submitted both) (780 math f%$#!!)
SAT II: 770 Bio-E and 800 Math II
APS: 5 - Bio/Euro/CalcBC/ScaledAB/USH/Psych, </p>

<p>Taking 7 APs this year (lol). Always had hardest coarse load. </p>

-State Science Fair 1st place Biochem
-State Science Fair 2nd place medicine & health
-USABO semifinalist
-Coinventor of patent related to research
(additional info: added a bunch of smaller misc science fair awards like "philadelphia drug exchange award, nanotech bio interface award," explained the patent, etc..)</p>

-Violinist of Philaldephia Sinfonia
-President of Math Club
-President of Culture Club
-Varsity team member of Academic Challenge (similar to quiz bowl)
-Violinist @ Carnegie Orchestra
-Violinist @ Main Line Youth Chamber Orch
-Concertmaster of school orchestra
-Hospital Volunteer
-Played violin for church group music</p>

<p>Submitted my research abstract
Had a little blurb about how I started math club @ my school</p>

<p>Essays looked good
LoRs are good (bc calc, physics, and supplemental conductor of phili sinfonia)
No legacy, no hooks, no faculty, no nothing.</p>

<p>Kids from my school applying are all white kids with legacy (and one cuban with legacy).</p>

<p>Never got suspended or anything... YET :D</p>

<p>bump :P10char</p>


<p>why no responses :0</p>

<p>bump. 3rd time's the charm?</p>

<p>Dude, ur stats are way too impressive. The only way u can improve ur chances is by sabotaging the others who are going ED. Other than that, calm ur shxt haha. What school are you from? It seems competitive, so they would take more.</p>

<p>I really hope you checked your essays for spelling mistakes, because you misspelled something in the OP. Other than that, you seem to have a pretty good chance at CAS, but I don't know about Vagelos. Your research stuff is pretty impressive.</p>

<p>Chance me back please.</p>

Other than that, calm ur shxt haha.


<p>Hahah that's probably something I need to do. I'm going crazy lol. :D</p>