Chance me for Pitt fall 2022

Residency: In-state
School: One of the top private schools in PA
GPA: 3.2 uw, 3.65 w
ACT: 32
Recommendation letters: Strong, from teachers who have known me/liked me.
Course load: 8 APs, 2 honors
Major: Economics

  • Co-president of Future Medical Professionals Club (11-12)

  • Co-president of Community Service Club (12)

  • Soccer (9-10)

  • Tennis (10-12)

  • Volunteered at local religious facility (9-12)

  • Internship at local real estate firm (12)

  • Diversity club (10-12)

  • Peer mentoring club (9)

Additional notes: GPA brought down significantly by one grade in an AP science. Strong upwards trend from 10 to 11, with harder course load. First gen asian male.

Any feedback is appreciated!

If you are talking about Fall 21 - it depends on how full they are. If you applied in the Fall, you’d have gotten in. Apply and see.

Sorry I meant applying for fall 2022, so applying this fall. Thanks for the feedback though.

You will get in - it’s a match school tho - you need a safety too. Great school. The beauty with Pitt is - if it’s your top choice, they are on rolling admission so apply early - like Sept. They’ll be back to you within a few weeks…if you get in, you’re done. No need to do all the crazy apps. If you don’t, you still have time to do other apps.