Chance me for Pitt, Penn State, BU etc.

Im a Junior in a small, private Christian school in California.
GPA: 3.63W; Freshman: 3.5, Sophmore: 3.57, Junior: 3.84, Senior (predicted): hopefully a 4.3-4.4 ( I got a 4.1 Second semester junior year if that helps)
ACT: 27
EC: Hip Hop Dance Competitively from 8th grade to 10th grade
Varsity Track and Field in 10th grade
Officer position in DECA this year and senior year I will be Co-president
Thinking about starting an FBLA chapter
American Cancer Society member
Badminton Club
Math Club
around 60 hours of community service. I plan on doing 100+ before college apps
Schools i’m applying to: Pitt, Penn State, BU, Purdue, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Maryland College Park, University of Rochester, Rensselaer, Lafayette College, University of Florida, Davidson and Northeastern (my list is all over the country)

Im kinda nervous because The average incoming freshman GPA/ACT scores are really high for these schools. Im not planning on applying ED/EA because I think I can bring my gpa up during 1 semester senior year.


Oh yeah and Villanova



bump again. I’ll chance back!

I think you have a good chance at a lot of these schools if you manage to bump up your GPA. Have you taken the SAT yet or is your ACT score better than your SAT? I actually go to RPI and am a rising sophomore so if you have any questions about our school, I’d be happy to answer them for you!

I think your GPA is a bit low for Penn State main campus unless you go for summer admission and Pitt. But I really think it will depend on your major and if your SAT is really good. Your ec’s are really good.

thrainbow, I can probably bump my GPA up to a 3.77 by the end of first semester and I retook the ACT on June 11 and i’m gonna get my scores on the 21st. I’m hoping for a 31-32. I’m also thinking about taking the SAT in October next year. BTW is the computer science program hard to get into at RPI?

@thrainbow update: I got a 30 on the ACT, superscored a 31. I also just recently got candidates choice for Rensselaer. my GPA is actually a 3.64. Do you think I have a good chance of getting in? I am deciding between comp sci and comp eng?

What major are you applying for?
What’s your budget? (No financial aid to be expected at many of these)

Pitt => in except for engineering, no financial/merit
Penn State => apply DUS, no financial aid - to increase odds, check “summer session”
BU=> high reach
Purdue => reach unless you apply undecided/ CLA
Rochester Institute of Technology => mach
University of Maryland College Park => reach
University of Rochester => probably out of reach, only apply after you’re done with other apps, if you still have time
Rensselaer=> reach
Lafayette College, University of Florida => reaches
Davidson => high reach; apply to Elon
Northeastern => high reach

What are your two safeties (that are affordable and that you like enough)?

@MYOS1634 I’m applying for computer science. I’m also applying to Villanova. I live in cali so my safties are schools like san jose state. do you know about cali schools? If so, what do you think my chances at University of the Pacific would be?

Your’re still a junior so it’s hard to decide. I would try to raise my ACt scores if I were you, although they are in the range of some of these schools, every point counts, plus the higher the score, the more scholorships you might get. Also you should try and take the hardest classes available. It’s better to get a B in an AP than an A in Honors. Your Ec’s seem good, if your schools offer, maybe try and get into an honors society? I would def also say to work on your common app essay as early as possible- so you can focus on supps during apps your senior year. Lastly, don’t forget to take sat II’s they are “high recommended” and end up biting people if they forget to take it and also applying ED/Ea is actually really good
even though you can improve your gpa, applying early lets the school know you really want to go and they usually lower their standards a little bit for early. Goodluck! Please chance me back!

Subject tests indeedbare best taken at the end of Junior year.
Villanova would be a high match and UoP a safety for academics but unsure about their financial aid.

@paxer101 I am a senior now and I retook the ACT and raised it to a 30, superscored a 31. My school only has California Scholarship Federation which is too late to join. My senior course load is: AP Computer Science A, AP Language, Econ 1st sem an AP Gov 2nd sem (my school is really wierd), Theater Arts, AP Calculus AB and Bible. I have my common app essay done and I think it’s pretty good. I took the SAT 2 bio and got a 690. Do you think I should take Math 2 this late in the game. Thanks for the feedback and i’ll be sure to chance you.

@MYOS1634 I’m applying to UoP with a pacific scholar application too so idk if that affects my results. I didn’t apply for any financial aide because I am hoping for some scholarships. My sister got like 25k in scholarships from UoP.

@paxer101 oh yeah and I’m applying EDII to Boston University if that helps

If you want scholarships, apply for aid - complete FAFSA and any scholarship application asap.

You should definitely take the math II. Not all the schools on the list require or even 'highly recommend them", but taking it will really make your application stand out a little bit more- especially if you do well. I’m guessing from you’re schools you’re applying to engineering or something similar? For engineering and similar majors, the math is the most important factor, so try and keep those classes up. Applying ED II is great because you can apply later and still have priority choice. Are you going to apply ED I or EA if that’s the case? Doing so really helps- even if you might have a higher gpa later in the year. Keep in mind which schools are restricted EA though. You mentioned that you go to school in Cali. Although colleges, both public and private say they don’t discriminate, your location will play a factor still.Have you thought of any of the UC’s? I hope this helps. Goodluck!

Penn State and Pitt don’t even look at subject tests and don’t want them sent.
The UC’s are 55K a year and offer no financial aid to OOS students.

@MYOS1634 Wait so I need to apply for FAFSA even If I want merit based scholarships?