Chance me for pitt!!!


<p>95.8 cumulative weighted avg (9th, 10th, 11th)
rank: 20/115 after 11th grade</p>

<p>9th grade: went to a different school (Youth Services) because in 8th grade i missed 30 days of school. My mom was working out of town and I was basically living by myself at the age of 15 so my original high school decided to put me in this school for a year until my mom got her regular job back. I might decide to write about this in an essay for college.</p>

<p>Algebra I- A 94
Cooperative Learning- B 85
English 9- A 97
Health 9- B 89
U.S. History I- A 98
Gym- A 95
Biology I- A 95</p>

<p>10th grade: regular high school
Computer Graphics- B 89
English 10- A 97
Spanish I- A 95
Basic Geometry- A 91
Environmental Science- B 89
Current Events- A 98
World History- B 89
Drivers Ed.- B 87
Gym- B 81</p>

<p>took a Psychology course in the summer at a community college and got an A and 3 college credits</p>

<p>11th grade: regular high school
Honors English 11- A 99
Horror and Fantasy- A 99
Spanish II- A 99
Essentials of Math- A 97
Algebra II- A 97
Chemistry I- A 97
U.S. History II- A 97
Sr. High Chorus- A 97
Health 11- A 98
Gym- A 99</p>

<p>12th grade schedule: regular high school
AP English Literature
AP Chemistry
AP European History
Spanish III
Anatomy and Phisiology
LCCC (college course offered by community college) Sociology/ U.S. History</p>

<p>SAT: Math- 510 Critical Reading- 480 Writing- 480 (1470 combined)
ACT: English- 24 Math- 23- Critical Reading- 23 Science- 17 Composite- 22</p>

<p>Interact Club Vice President 1 year
JV/Varsity Basketball 3 years, named Varsity Captain for senior year
Varsity Track 1 year
JV/Varsity Football 1 year
SADD Club member 2 years
Spanish Club member 1 year
Chem Club member 1 year
Peer Mediator 1 year</p>

<p>3 solid recommendations and I am currently working on my application essay</p>

<p>You have good grades. All I would say is retake the SATs and reach close to 1800 and you will be good. Also, by LCCC do you mean Lehigh Carbon Community College?</p>

<p>nah its Luzerne County Community College</p>

<p>Get those scores up and you'll be fine. 1800 will get you in for sure.</p>

<p>would my chances be REALLY slim if i couldnt get my scores up, or only brought them up a little bit?.. cuz I am the worst standardized test taker in america</p>