Chance me for Princeton REA

Demographics: Indian Male

international student

  • State/Location of residency: India

  • Type of high school : A levels school:

**Intended Major(s)*: Physics

GPA: Got 8A* in my IGCSE. Will hopefully get all A*s in my A level as well.

  • Class Rank: School does not rank

  • ACT/SAT Scores: Planning to give SAT in august


In my IGCSE I took 8 subjects (Physics, chem, math, economics, EFL, geography, Hindi and Bio)

In my A level am taking Physics, chemistry, math and economics.

Awards I don’t really have major awards but I got a distinction in the international benchmark test. Apart from that, I won several debating and speech competitions at my school. I also qualified for the second round of an international writing competition.


I have a Physics blog where I write articles on the latest happenings in physics, research paper reviews and explain Physics concepts. I have over 60 physics articles and my blog posts have garnered more than 100K views.

Published a book on Physics. I completed it in 11th grade, and it’s about the history of physics. Previously, I had written two more books when I was aged 9 and 11, respectively. They were published by an imprint of Penguin: Partridge Publication. But I don’t think I will be able to talk about them as AOs are only interested in activities during the HS.

Interned with a prestigious science journal. I worked there as a junior editor for Physics and Astrophysics. My work was to data check original researches/articles/ review articles, etc. I also worked as a writer at cosmobc where I wrote articles on Physics

Many of my articles were published in famous science blogs like ZMEscience, Illinois Science, Science scienceborealis. My articles were also published in Science magazines.

Gave a licensed ted-ed speech on Physics

I was the head boy of my school

I was the president of my school chess club and the head reporter for my school magazine.

I also tutored many IGCSE students with many of my students getting A*. I also worked with Purple Wave tutors for free where I tried to help students as much as I could.

Cost Constraints / Budget

I will need financial aids


I will be applying to Princeton REA but am not really sure if I should apply there so here I am asking you guys for help. Also, if you guys could recommend me some colleges, then it will be great!

That depends on a bunch of things, starting with what your goal is.

If you have good options in India, and only want to come to the US if you can go to Princeton or similar, then you might as well go REA.

If you want to be in the US no matter what, you will have to apply to a range of schools - from high end (eg, Princeton, Cornell for the TaTa scholarship, etc), to schools that give guaranteed aid for stats (if your SAT qualifies) (eg, UAl-Huntsville), and then a rake of schools that are ‘need aware’ but will meet ‘full need’ for international students if accepted (eg Colgate).

Getting into any of the top US colleges from India will be tough. They generally only take a handful of students each year. Your marks look good, and that will be the main thing the admissions will focus on.

But as pointed out above, Princeton is extremely competitive. So make sure to have adequate backups in place. If the REA application doesn’t work out for you, then have another school in mind for ED2 and the RD round.

Although this doesn’t apply to Princeton, many other US colleges are “need aware” for internationals. This means that they take account your financial need when deciding to admit. So the higher the need, the lower the chances.