Chance me for RD (school of management), please?

<p>Hey guys, I'm a rising senior interested in Bucknell. I plan on applying through Regular decision directly to the School of Management.</p>

<p>SAT 1: 2100 (CR 670, M 720, W 710) Single sitting
SAT 2's: USH 750, BIO E 660 (won't send Bio) will take math in oct.
ACT: N/A (Will take in Sept.)
GPA W: 96/100
Rank: Top 10-15%
Senior Schedule: AP Micro, AP Macro, AP US Gov, AP Calc AB, AP Environmental, SUPA English (honors), SUPA Spanish (honors), College Accounting
Past AP's: APUSH, AP World, AP Physics B, AP Lang
Overall very rigorous course-load with a couple exceptions
Awards: DECA 1st in states, 5th at nationals</p>

Model UN (9,10,11,12)-President, DECA (10,11,12)- Vice President, Spanish Honor Society, National Honor Society
Internship w/ Local Politician this summer
Well over 200 hours volunteering at my religious school (tutored foreign language)
Various other smaller things (i.e. SKYWARN w/ National Weather Service)</p>

Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male
School: VERY competitive Public
State: NY
Income: Unknown
Other: Visited a few months ago, and e-mailed admissions counselor (showed interest)</p>

<p>A very good match, however, Bucknell tends to reject very qualified individuals that they think are using them as safeties. For a good shot at acceptance, show tons of interest through your essays, and on Bucknell's App they have an optional essay which I advise you do, too. That's great that your schedule has courses that compliment your interest in the School of Management. IMO, I think you have no problem in getting into Bucknell. If Bucknell is your #1, apply ED, but you already know that ;)</p>

<p>Wow, thanks a lot! Yeah, I'll try and show as much interest as possible. Thanks again!</p>

<p>No problem! I applied ED1, because I thought my SATs were too low for RD(or any college, in fact). I kind of regret it because after I was accepted, I didn't have to weigh my options like my other friends. In the end, I'm excited to go to Bucknell because I truly know it's the fit for me and the community at Bucknell is so loving and interesting. I hope you the best in your college search! It's one of the best/anguishing times in your life. Actually, what other colleges are you looking at? I'm very open-minded, so I won't dis on your other picks. ;)</p>

<p>Well, nothing is set in stone yet, because I still have a few months, but some schools on my preliminary list include: Cornell (I probably can't get in, but hey it's worth a shot), Emory, UNC, U. of Rochester, College of William and Mary, and probably a few more that I'm missing(Pretty diverse group, eh?). In all honesty though, I would be thrilled to get the opportunity to attend Bucknell. I loved the campus when I visited, and perhaps more importantly the whole community sense I felt. I'm sure you'll love Bucknell (or are you already a current student there?). Thanks for the wishes and enjoy!</p>

<p>You're right, I'll be heading there in the fall, so I'm excited to just be immerse in the whole college life. Hmm, maybe you can apply ED1 to Cornell, and ED2 to Bucknell if you don't get into CU and apply to the other schools in between. I have a friend that goes to Cornell now, and he's always telling me that I picked a great school, so which ever way you decide, you'll be picking out of great choices and seize it! There's always transfering or grad school if you're looking for a different slice of the college pie.</p>

<p>Very true! I suppose I'll apply to Cornell ED 1 and then either Emory or Bucknell ED 2. A lot could change between now and October, so you never know. Good luck in college!</p>

<p>My sister got in there, and she had way worse scores/GPA. I'd say you're in.</p>

<p>D1 gaduated from Cornell (ILR, IT) May '10 and D2 is a rising senior at Bucknell (environmental studies, economics)l. S graduated from Colgate(physics, math) '09.</p>

<p>The difference between each of them in academics is minor. Difference in personality is vastly different.</p>

<p>That makes the difference!</p>

<p>My stepdaughter brought transcripts and scores on her initial campus visit during her junior year of high school and asked for a preread. I wasn't there but she said it was helpful. This was a few years ago so YMMV now.</p>