Chance me for RD?

<p>Asian Male
Lower middle class (hoping for financial aid)
Public high school
Career goal: Physician
Applied to College of Arts and Sciences</p>

<p>GPA: 3.76 Unweighted / 5.12 Weighted
Rank 9 out of 535
ACT: Comp 31 Reading 31 English 28 Math 31 Science 33 Writing 10
AP Exams: Human Geography 3 World History 3 Biology 4 Eng Lang 3 Chemistry 3 Psychology 5
AP Scholar w/ Distinction</p>

<p>Senior Schedule
AP Gov
AP Eng Lit
AP Calc AB
Leadership Techniques
AP Physics B
Health Science 2
Allied Health Assisting 3
*Got straight As first quarter, all As and a B+ second quarter and ended the semester with all As and B+ in AP Gov.</p>

Junior and Senior Class President
National Honor Society 3 years
Health Occupations Student of America 3 years
-Blood Drive Chairman
Science National Honor Society 2 years
Student Government Association 2 years
Student Advisory Council 1 year
Volunteer at local hospital at front desk and ER for 3 years and got about 320 hours there
Nominated for Outstanding Senior Leader Award for my school county</p>

<p>Essay: Pretty good
Letters of Rec: Never actually read them but the teachers said they wrote great ones
Interview: Went well, interviewer said he really liked me but he might've just been saying that</p>

<p>You and I seem to be about equal in our chances. Most people have been telling me I have a "decent" chance of getting in. I wouldn't take these message boards seriously though. Yours and my weaknesses might be the AP scores, and people suggested only sending the ones to Vandy that would receive credit there, which I think is smart. Overall, you seem like you have a good chance :) Vandy likes the well rounded student, so a great essay and recs will give you a significant boost.</p>