Chance me for Rutgers NB - Regular Decision

UWGPA-3.61, WGPA-3.83
ACT: 31
11 AP’s 3 Honors
I am applying regular decision because I just found out about their amazing 4+3 DPT Program that I badly want to attend. Will regular decision badly hurt my chances?

Can someone pls respond? Not trying to sound needy here lmao

As long as you have decent ECs and essays, you should be fine.

You should be fine, my oldest had similar stats and got into the business school, we are waiting to hear back for my son (his twin did EA and got in, but she has a 33 ACT 4.2 WGPA). Scranton and Quinnipiac also have good 4/3 DPT programs, my other daughter decided to study exercise science at UD and then apply to DPT’s.

Sorry about the franticness, just contrary to my username Rutgers is pretty much my first choice at this point