Chance Me For Scholarships at the University of Cincinnati

What are my chances of receiving a significant scholarship offer from the University of Cincinnati, as I have an EFC of 0 and can not afford the $19,000 that the net price calculator is estimating for me? Also, my goal is to graduate debt-free since I will be applying and attending medical school.
Intended Major: Neuroscience on Pre-Med Track
GPA: 3.857 (UW) 4.513 (W)
Rank: 11/416
SAT: 1420 (1430 superscore)
AP: AP Human Geography (3), AP English Literature and Composition (3) This year-AP Biology, AP Physics II, AP English Language and Composition, AP Calculus AB
Dual Enrollment: Introduction to Biology, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to American Government, Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Composition I and II This year-Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience (OSU)
Clinical Experience: Brainterns Virtual Shadowing Program
Research: Independent Analytical Research on DIPG, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Student Program Webinar Series
Honors: QuestBridge College Prep Scholar, Honor Roll, Dean’s List
Extracurriculars: National Honors Society-Officer, Freshman Mentor, Tutor Students from Disadvantaged Backgrounds, Concert and Marching Band-First Chair/Second Chair/ Assistant Section Leader, Spanish Club, Robotics Team Secretary (9th), Mu Alpha Theta (I can provide more information on the extracurriculars if necessary).
Essays: Very Strong on how a neurological diagnosis inspired me to pursue a career in pediatric neurosurgery and begin DIPG research
Hooks: Low-Income, First-Generation

I am in-state as well.

are you applying to the merit scholarships and honors college?

(by invitation)

There are very few scholarships but it’s definitely worth it for you to apply. Same for MiamiOH, tOSU, OhioU.

  • I suppose you’re applying to meet need colleges (really the best for a zero EFC/high achieving student), from Muhlenberg to Denison to Skidmore to Bates…

To the best of my knowledge, the honors college is selected from the applicant pool and there is no additional application. However, where is the actual application to the Next Innovation Scholars located or is it by invitation only like the Darwin T. Tuner Scholars Program?

I am applying to MIT, Stanford, Columbia, Yale, UChicago, Brown, Washington University in St. Louis, and Emory (in that order) through the QuestBridge National College Match, but I am looking on ways to make my in-state universities affordable if I need to attend one. In-State I plan to apply to the University of Cincinnati and Ohio State. I plan to apply to some other colleges outside of QB as well that also meet 100% demonstrated need, while also applying to more colleges through QuestBridge Regular Decision.

You may consider lesser ranked meets needs schools as well as a back up. Not sure if will have your exact major but Connecticut College, Dennison, Franklin & Marshall, U of Miami….schools like that. Look at Berea too which has no tuition.

If you did UC would you live home ? Is that the attraction. How bout Miami Oh or Ohio U

Look at this list below on the link. There’s 3 sections to it. The schools u mention are a far reach. Less so in QB but if you apply regular.

Some of your ECs like band are great. Others like Mu Alpha Theta you’ll need to define or move far down the list. At my sons school they did nothing. You need impact etc. first gen will help too. Best of luck.

NEXT Innovation application is supposed to be posted soon.

Now, full rides at UCincy are uncommon - Presidential Cincinnatus=10 people + better odds but still low numbers so odds are really unpredictable.
(Once you’re into Honors, there can be “honors within honors” that may yield higher scholarships and you’d be a good candidate for that too).

Is UC a university you can commute to?

You’ve got a good plan :+1:

My more cost-friendly public school is Ohio State, where the net price calculator is estimating around $5,000 (including room and board), which is much better than what Cincinnati is estimating. I believe that with local scholarships that I would be able to get the majority of that covered, therefore it is an affordable option. I should also note that I live right outside of Columbus, so I would not be able to commute to UC. However, I was just looking to have another affordable in-state option.

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Ok, makes sense.
UC, Miami, and OhioU all are known to have good merit, too, but they don’t “meet need” at all.

Got it. I’d still look at the list of meets needs schools which is expansive. I do believe you are over reaching with your list although through QB but maybe not. I think QB deadline has passed. You said you’re applying to but hopefully you met that deadline.

There are great but lesser than top 20 schools on the meets need link I sent in my last note. I’d encourage you to look there as allowed…I know QB has restrictions til you hear from them.

Good luck. You’re going to be a rock star…I can tell

My main target (or match) schools are Case Western Reserve University and Northeastern University. Would you agree that these colleges are much more attainable with the information provided?

Also, I already applied to the National College Match prior to the deadline and will find out on Tuesday of this week whether or not I am a finalist. My prospects are high though since QuestBridge already designated me as a College Prep Scholar in the spring.

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I wish you luck. I would say, outside of QB, I don’t think your odds are great for CWRU or NEU but the first generation will help.

One thing to see if - are they need aware vs. need blind - meaning, if you’re a full need, they might turn you down for that.

I think you might look at applying TO - especially at NEU. Your #s are more in line with CWRU.

Again, I’d hit some of the lower tier meets need on the link I sent you. The more irons in the fire given your finances, the better.

I hope you get good news Tuesday. Please update us.

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The supplemental essays you should write for Ohio State are in their Morrill and Eminence scholarship programs.


I was named a QuestBridge National College Match Finalist! Therefore, I will be able to participate in the National College Match and rank the colleges that I specified above.


That is AWESOME. congrats. What a fantastic program.

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Perhaps, add a few LACs that offer no-loan financial aid packages, since your odds are better there and it beats an instate university that would definitely require you to borrow the federal loan (which is okay, but still better if you can do without).