chance me for SEAS ED

<p>Hey I'm interested in my chance at getting into Columbia Engineering -- ED applicant</p>

<p>White male.
SAT - 2390: (CR-800, M-790, WR-800)
SAT II: Chem-800, Math II - 780, Math I - 740
AP: Chem-5. Calculus AB -5 (my school doesnt offer AP classes so I studied for these on my own)
GPA: 4.87/4</p>

<p>Extra C's:
I've been doing art my whole life and have a large portfolio (i sent in the art supplement).
I am president of a 501(c)3 charity that teaches weekly art classes at a homeless shelter and we also paint murals for old age homes and run art programs with special needs kids.
I am the graphic/art editor of my school newspaper.
I was the art editor of my high school literary magazine.
One summer I interned at the US Naval Research Lab (with the SEAP program),
the other summer I did a month long art course at Brandeis.
Also on my schools grade government where i ran the school store for a year.</p>

National Merit Semifinalist so far,
2 National Spanish Exam Gold medals and 1 silver medal.</p>

<p>(i've also done soccer and track all of high school but less seriously than my art)</p>

<p>Also I have legacy through my mom and uncle at Columbia</p>

<p>Your chances seem pretty high!!!
WOW, if I recieved your SAT score, I would be mad. Lol. 10 points away from a perfect score!!!!</p>

<p>very strong chances</p>

<p>wow I'm going to get rejected b/c of you. :(
Amazing stats</p>

<p>Your EC's are weak, and so is course rigor probably (due to the fact that your schools don't have ap's) but you have very good motivation as you self studied 2 ap's. I think your biggest hook is your legacy though. If it weren't for that, I would hesitate to say you have a good chance, but since your mom went, you have a pretty good chance</p>

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