Chance me for selective schools please?

I’m a current junior from Chicago and I’m getting pretty anxious about college. It’s probably too early for me to be making a chances thread, but I’ll go ahead anyways.

Chance me for Northwestern (ED), UW-Madison (EA), Wash-U (RD), NYU (RD), Case Western (RD), UCB (RD), UCLA (RD), and UIUC (RD) please!!

Intended major: Chemistry
GPA: UW 3.98 W 4.73
SAT I: taking it on Wednesday!
SAT II: taking Chem and Math 1 in May, Math 2 in August
ACT: 35C—36E, 36R, 35S, 34M

Freshman academics:

  • English (reg), World History (reg), Geometry (honors), Biology (honors), Hebrew 3 (honors)
    Sophomore academics:
  • English (reg), Anthropology (reg), Comp Gov (honors), Algebra II (honors), Chemistry (honors)
    Junior academics:
  • Lang/Comp (AP), US History (AP), Chemistry (AP), Physics (honors), Precalculus (honors)
    Senior academics:
  • Lit/Comp (AP), US Gov (AP), Comp Gov (AP), Biology (AP), BC Calculus (AP), Statistics (AP), Music Theory (AP)

ECs, Activities, Work, Volunteer (hours/grade):

  • Advanced Honors Research Program (11,12)—independent research program for excelling students in school
  • National Honors Society (12)—probably generic, but including anyways
  • Peer tutor for school’s math department (11,12)
  • Peer mentor for school’s special education department (50+ hours/10)
  • Volunteer counselor for park district camp program (400+ hours/9,10)
  • Medical Club (10,11,12)
  • Orthodontic sterilizer (10,11)—Paid!
  • First alto saxophonist for school’s concert band (9,10,11)
  • Got verified on a popular social media platform—won’t specify which on here (9,10,11)
  • Packed books at book bank for poor families (20+ hours/11,12)
  • Mentor abroad in Shanghai for an orphanage (100+ hours/11)
  • Shotput for indoor and outdoor T&F (9)

Awards (all in school right now)**:

  • 2016 Recognition Award for Service in Special Education
  • 2016 Science Achievement Award for Outstanding Work in Chemistry
  • 2017 Science Achievement Award for Outstanding Work in Chemistry
  • 2017 Science Achievement Award for Outstanding Work in Physics
    *I’m trying to go for AP Scholar, ACT State Scholar, and an in-school research grant right now!

Essays and Letters (both still need work, but I have some time):

  • Common App (9/10)—talks about my fight to overcome racial and mental illness stigma through therapy, really emotional and personal
  • Northwestern Supplement (8/10)—start off with an anecdote of how I used to play with my food by mixing up solutions, transitioned into the idea of “digging deeper” and why Northwestern’s ideology of community corroborates that idea
  • Teacher 1: AP Chemistry teacher, probably will write a humorous essay that touches on our sarcastic relationship and my desire to learn more than what the curriculum offers
  • Teacher 2: my research advisor and former chemistry teacher, good relationship and my go-to for obscure science questions
  • Counselor: literally my second mother and go-to whenever I have to complain about anything or need to talk