Chance me for Skidmore?

I’m applying to Skidmore and really want to get in - it is my dream school; especially since im not applying to any other uni abroad -. I am:

  • Applying for financial aid (which I need a lot of)
  • International student ( Arab)
  • Applying Early decision
  • I am a legacy ( My brother graduated from Skidmore)
  • IB student ( so my gpa - if thats what I can call it - is 39 out of 42)
  • Doing the toefl as a native English speaker (prob scoring above 100-110)
  • A bunch of extracurricular activ. (second place in debate at an international comp., MUN organizer, Internship, volunteered, etc…)
  • Im an excellent writer (won a bunch of writing awards)

Would appreciate your feedback; especially if your a Skidmore student atm or alumni :slight_smile:

Normally Legacy is if any of your parents studied in some college, I’m not sure about Legacy by brothers.

Academically I think you have a really good profile, the only thing that puts you at a disadvantage is financial aid, bcz for international students theyre allowed to reject us just because we requested aid. But the rest of your profile looks amazing and you have a good chance of getting in (especially if your brother went with the same need base aid)

Thanks love! crossing fingers.