Chance me for Smith RD International

<p>Asian international student studying in NY (only Junior and Senior Year). </p>

<p>Standard Test:
SAT 2130 (CR 620, MT 780, WR 730) retook in January..waiting for January score (Nervous!)
SAT II Math Level1 750, Math Level2 800, US History 670
TOEFL iBT: 103 (only once)</p>

<p>GPA: 3.92/4 (Rural area small Christian School in NY,no AP/IB/Honor available in school; I am taking ECO 201 Macro-Economics in community college in the evening)
Rank: N/A (class size is too small to rank, only 16)</p>

( I used to attend a big public school when I was an exchange student):</p>

<p>New York DOSO Math League Sectional Champion
Several Model UN experiences (HMUN Honorable Mention)
Vice President for Future Business Leader of America (FBLA)
You-in-Government Convention Congresswoman Winner (awarded by the county government to meet NY Senator in Albany)
Boston University Summer Challenge Program (Two professors wrote recommendation letters and mailed them for me but I did not think Smith received them...should I ask?)
Regular Contributor of a national English newspaper in China (several articles published)
International Exchange Program (that was how I end up in NY; I did a lot of community services on the program)
Earth Science Lab Assistance in school</p>

Alumnae Interview: I enjoyed the interview. It looked like I gave her a pretty good impression. </p>

<p>Intended Major: International Relations/ Political Science </p>

<p>Recommendation: Literature and Physics teachers (arguably strong I think)</p>

Common App: Short Essay: about Model UN changed my understanding of a successful woman; Long Essay: Topic of my choice (Mentioned failure in the first Model UN conference and taking challenging AP US History as an international student)</p>

<p>applied for FA: over 30 thousand..</p>

<p>Could you chance me please??</p>

<p>Apart from your need for a lot of FA, I think your application and chances at admission are very strong. Not to say that the FA will disqualify you; just not sure how the school will look at that in your case. Best of luck.</p>

<p>I think you have a very good chance. If you think Smith doesn't have any part of your application, call them to confirm.</p>