Chance me for some LACs

<p>Please chance me for schools like: Trinity, Bates, Colby, Colgate, Bucknell, Davidson, Middlebury, and maybe Vassar
Privates: Lehigh, Villanova, Emory</p>

I am applying to be a History, Philosophy, Political Science, or English major. I want to go to law school after undergrad.
I have a 1910 SAT 610, 610, 690, and a 28 ACT. I took it again last Saturday and am hoping I got a 30 or 31.
5.1 weighted GPA, and about A 3.72 unweighted.
I'm a white male from Texas.
My school stopped reporting rankings but last year my rank was 68/603 (about top 11%). Rank will not be sent to colleges though.
By the end of the year ill have taken 10 AP classes: Human Geography (4), World History (3), English lang & comp (4), US History (5).
my senior courses:
AP German 5, Aquatic Science, AP Gov/AP Microecon, Debate 4 called "Independent Speech Study, Pre ap pre cal, AP Biology, Ap English lit, & AP Psych
I took pre-ap which is basically honors at my school throughout my high school career. We don't have honors, only regular, pre ap and AP
I think i have strong extracurriculars: Eagle Scout with some leadership positions in the troop like patrol leader and librarian.
started my own functioning business through a year long Entrepreneur academy. Got a grant and have sold my product at several events with profit.
My main hook/strongest EC is Debate. I'm the Debate team captain, I went to state, have gotten to finals/semifinals of several tournaments, and was selected by coach to coach the novices. I also went to a summer debate camp for a few weeks at UT Austin. I was also selected by coaches to be manager of the basketball team freshman year, but I decided I'd rather focus more on debate.
I have NHS, German Club (with a leadership position) & German Honor Society, and a few smaller academic awards like AP scholar with honor. I also put my debate awards in the awards section.
I have 100+ volunteer hours. Ive volunteered at a couple republican conventions as a page, and worked a little on the campaign for Abbott. Besides that I did a lot of Eagle project community service and I did a lot of volunteering with my church. Went on a local mission trip 3 years in a row with my church and helped the local community.
I'm also involved with Youth Group.
For work, I work about 10 hours a week at State Farm. I helped lead a marketing campaign and I also assist the workers with different things around the office. I also worked at a resturaunt during sophomore and half of junior year.

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<p>Looking at SAT values and rank and percent admitted for each school at <a href=“”></a> (click applying) will give you some idea about the likelihood of getting in. I think being from Texas will help you when applying to schools in the Northeast. Being an Eagle Scout helps too.</p>

<p>@milkweed‌ what about for the test optional ones? I plan on not sending scores to those </p>

<p>If you bump your ACT the 3 or 4 points you are hoping for your chances will be much, much better. You have good rigor for these kind of schools. Your UW GPA is a bit on the low side but not terribly so. Good extracurriculars - make sure your application really stresses your passion for debate. This is a good group of colleges with varying degress of selectivity. Not a lot of math/science on your transcript is there? D has exactly same career ambitions as you do and she’s taking AP Calculus BC and AP Stats senior year. Nothing you can do about it at this point but speak to your love of history and english. Good luck</p>

<p>Your SAT, ACT and GPA are low for the schools on your list. Apply to some safeties. These are all high reaches for you.</p>

<p>I don’t know which are test optional. Agree with above. You have some great things going for you but you need to have some safeties that you’d like to go to and can afford. Also your essays and level of interest shown will be important. </p>

<p>Some of the schools you listed are politically liberal. Does that matter to you?</p>

<p>I’ve already gotten into my safeties, these are just schools Id go to over my safety if I got into them. I’m looking for more “reach” schools. I know trinity is pretty conservative @milkweed‌ and I think bates is liberal. It’s not too big of a deal to me, there will be conservatives wherever I go. I’m planning on going to Maine and visiting bates and Colby to show interest. Out of all these schools does any of them fit me the best? I’m interested in fraternities, study abroad, crew or any intermural sport, student government, good placement into great law schools </p>

<p>As far as I can tell, Bates, Colby and Middlebury don’t have frats. Vassar is quite liberal too.
Best wishes.</p>